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MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway WKWebView Rollout - Possible Customer Action Needed



The MaaS360 platform has prepared for Apple's deprecation of UIWebview since 2020. If your company is using the MaaS360 platform to access internal or intranet websites that use the MaaS360 iOS Browser App and has outbound firewall rules, then it is critical to read the details in this article. The rollout of the Mobile Enterprise Gateway will start on 15 November 2021 and proceed until Q1 of 2022.


How does this impact MaaS360 Products?  Any customer that uses the MaaS360 iOS Browser App and the MaaS360 Enterprise Gateway platform to access internal or intranet websites will stop when Apple deprecates UIWebView. The replacement is WKWebView. 
To Read full details on WKWebView MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway(MEG) , click here
MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway WKWebView Rollout 
The latest MEG module was distributed to all active customers by 26 October 2021.  The rollout of this service to all active customers will begin 15 November 2021 and will proceed until Q1 of 2022.  
If a customer has Enterprise Gateway Relay Access Mode configured within firewall rules, then add the new Enterprise Gateway Relay WKWebveiw platform information.  For all prerequisite details, click here
  • US Enterprise Gateway Relay
  • EU Enterprise Gateway Relay
  • APAC-SGP Enterprise Gateway Relay
  • Tokyo Enterprise Gateway Relay
  • Quad 9 DNS Server Address
Notice Change History
September 2020 Original Notice Posted
November 2021 Update to distribution dates

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09 November 2021