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IBM Performance Management for Power Systems is a dynamic, easy to use, performance and capacity planning function tool.

Your IBM Power™ Systems model (including IBM Power Blades, PowerLinux™, POWER® based IBM PureFlex™, IBM System i® and IBM System p®) can be one of your company's most valued assets. But it is an absolute requirement you understand the utilization and growth of your system to help with making better plans for reducing cost, improving service and managing risk.

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That is where IBM Performance Management for Power Systems (PM for Power Systems) fits in. This easy-to-use yet powerful tool provides critical resource and performance information about the current and long-term utilization trends – from a total system view to an individual logical partition view. It helps to enable capacity planning for your Power Systems running IBM i, AIX®, and Linux - Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu operating systems based on IBM PowerVM (Partitions only) or PowerKVM (Host and Guests).

Insight is enabled through the collected PM for Power Systems performance data to show what upgrade you may need for accommodating future growth or a server consolidation in a virtualized IT world; or for assessing the impact on your environment of a Capacity on Demand processor or new processor hardware technology. Ongoing interactive access is also provided to your historical performance data so that you can easily ‘revisit’ your utilization and capacity environment from up to 24 months prior.

PM for Power Systems is available in both ‘no additional charge’ and ‘nominal charge’ options depending on the level of detail you wish to see on a routine basis. Visit the description and terms and conditions tabs for more information.

All of this is available with minimal initial set up. After initial set up, the remaining process is automated, thereby helping relieve you of those tedious and expensive tasks involved with systems management. After set up, IBM will provide you with secure Internet access to your graphs.

In summary, PM for Power System’s asset management and virtualization capabilities are an easy step towards helping you manage today’s environment while planning for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

What releases and models are supported?

PM for Power Systems provides support for current releases of IBM i and AIX and the hardware models they run on until the release goes to the 'End of Program Support' date. Support for Linux is provided beginning with Red Hat RHEL version 5, and SUSE SLES version 10, Fedora version 18, CentOS 7, and Ubuntu version 14.04, until further notice is provided.

PM for Power Systems supports all, with the noted exceptions, IBM POWER processor based systems including traditional models plus IBM Blades, IBM PureFlex and IBM PowerLinux. PM does not support the following: IBM System p5 575 machine type 9118, IBM Power 575 Model F2A machine type 9125, IBM Power 755 Model E8C machine type 8236 and the IBM Power 775 Supercomputer.

Please refer to the following for a complete list of End of Program Support Dates by operating system:

Separate notice will be provided when PM for Power Systems will no longer support specific releases of Linux

Use Performance Management for Power Systems.

Report samples

Total System View - Monthly
Shared Pool - Hourly

PM for Power Systems reports

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