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Finding artifacts that are not in a module using JRS

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How to find IBM Engineering Requirements Management - DOORS Next (DOORS Next) artifacts that are not in any module using Report Builder for IBM Jazz Reporting Service (JRS).


It is possible in DOORS Next to have artifacts that do not belong to any Module or collection, so you need a way to report on these.
DOORS Next has the concept Reusing artifacts in modules that can lead to duplicate artifacts appearing in JRS reports.  Using Filtering out unwanted duplicate DNG artifacts in Report Builder results you can remove the duplicates from a report.


To find artifacts which are not included in any module or collection using Report Builder and the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) data source.
  1. Build a simple report that uses the LQE or LQE with configurations data source.
    1. Data source: Lifecycle Query Engine
      Artifact types:  Requirement
      Artifact relationships:
      <Requirement> → Used By (Optional) → <Requirement Collection>
          Requirement Id
          Id [Type: Requirement Collection]: Count total number of artifacts by ID
      You must add an attribute to count the number of Requirement Collection artifacts by ID.
      You also must remove the Requirement URL as it affects the grouping. Unfortunately you lose the link to the specific artifact in the report results.
      You could Limit the scope of the report to a specific project area if required.
  2. You need to edit the SPARQL of the report.
    Open 'Format Results'>Advanced and 'Edit Query'
  3. Modify the 'GROUP BY' statement:
    From: GROUP BY ?oslc_rm_Requirement1_identifier ?oslc_rm_Requirement1_title
    To: GROUP BY ?oslc_rm_Requirement1_identifier ?oslc_rm_Requirement1_title HAVING(?oslc_rm_RequirementCollection1_identifier_COUNT=0)
NOTE: Once you edit the SPARQL, you will NOT be able to modify the report using the graphical user interface (GUI). Therefore,  get the report details correct before you edit the SPARQL.

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15 December 2020