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QRadar: What is the Persistent Session Timeout setting?

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What is the Persistent Session Timeout setting?


The Persistent Session Timeout setting can be found under Admin > System Setting > Authentication Settings.
It is defined in days and sets the maximum allowable length of activity by a user on the console GUI. At the end of that duration, independent of user activity, QRadar® will forcefully logoff the user.
This setting is different from the Inactivity Timeout because that timeout depends on the user's behavior. For more information, see this knowledge-base article on the Inactivity Timeout.
As an example, consider a console has the Persistent Session Timeout set to 3 days and Inactivity Timeout set to 30 minutes. The user remains active for a long period and does not violate the Inactivity Timeout by constantly using the console GUI. However, since the Persistent Session Timeout is set, the user is forcefully logged off by the system after 3 days and needs to reauthenticate.

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17 September 2020