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IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version (Fix Pack 2)


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Download Fix Pack 2 for InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7.1 now available for Linux Operating Systems.

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The Readme file for this Fix pack can be found here: README

Release Notes including installation instructions can be found here: Release Notes

Known Issues:  Click Here

Problems Solved

JR58698, JR59692, JR59696, JR60055, JR60352, JR60567, JR60698, JR60707, JR60788, JR60794, JR60809, JR60811, JR60814, JR60833, JR60881, JR60903, JR60925, JR60966, JR61070, JR61073, JR61201, JR61212, JR61256, JR61257, JR61260, JR61313, JR61325, JR61337, JR61338, JR61341, JR61389, JR61437, JR61439, JR61462, JR61508, JR61510, JR61669, JR61765, JR61809, JR61827, JR61829, JR61854, JR61869, JR61875, JR61878, JR61892, JR61902, JR61935, JR62046, JR62133, JR51143, JR56604, JR59699, JR60699, JR60771, JR60772, JR60779, JR60783, JR60793, JR60805, JR60806, JR60834, JR60857, JR60858, JR60868, JR60904, JR60929, JR60935, JR60940, JR60941, JR60993, JR61009, JR61046, JR61048, JR61065, JR61107, JR61112, JR61117, JR61141, JR61142, JR61160, JR61167, JR61168, JR61202, JR61217, JR61229, JR61231, JR61242, JR61309, JR61322, JR61338, JR61346, JR61349, JR61367, JR61390, JR61419, JR61453, JR61501, JR61521, JR61543, JR61567, JR61569, JR61574, JR61587, JR61601, JR61615, JR61634, JR61636, JR61638, JR61709, JR61723, JR61759, JR61763, JR61796, JR61811, JR61815, JR61816, JR61840, JR61860, JR61865, JR61885, JR61956, JR61958, JR61964, JR61971, JR61985, JR61996, JR62029, JR62089, JR61814, JR61966, JR61969, JR62101, JR62156, JR62188, JR62290, JR62304, JR60739, JR60943, JR61020, JR61121, JR61127, JR61205, JR61549, JR61907, JR61926, JR62012, JR60586, JR60633, JR60652, JR60898, JR61042, JR61049, JR61109, JR61174, JR61328, JR61479, JR61563, JR61626, JR61640, JR61726, JR61781, JR61941, JR61480, JR61578, JR61710, JR61738, JR61746, JR61768, JR61804, JR61843, JR61876, JR61886, JR61890, JR61908, JR61909, JR61914, JR61938, JR61992, JR62003, JR62004, JR62018, JR62031, JR62038, JR62051, JR62054, JR62056, JR62057, JR62123, JR62136, JR62138, JR62157, JR62161, JR62216, JR62218, JR62254, JR62269, JR62278, JR62297, JR62313, JR61529, JR61530, JR61548, JR61561, JR61562, JR61581, JR61589, JR61633, JR61642, JR61670, JR61676, JR61719, JR61727, JR61734, JR61788, JR61790, JR61792, JR61799, JR61858, JR61861, JR61867, JR61884, JR61895, JR61929, JR61931, JR61939, JR61944, JR61977, JR61994, JR62008, JR62106, JR62164, JR62171, JR62189, JR62191, JR62276, JR62303, JR62174, JR60950, JR61140, JR61276, JR61527, JR61635, JR61685, JR61706, JR61754, JR61887, JR61915, JR61920, JR61937, JR62039, JR60956, JR61498, JR61706, JR61749, JR61933, JR61942, JR61330, JR61331, JR60197, JR61370, JR61412, JR61445, JR61447, JR61846, JR61909, JR61981, JR61988, JR62088, JR62130, JR62150, JR62185, JR62342, JR61753, JR61915, JR61943, JR62147, JR62148, JR61781, JR61894, JR60005, JR60139, JR60299, JR60451, JR60579, JR60610, JR60695, JR60700, JR60782, JR60785, JR60826, JR60831, JR60832, JR60835, JR60857, JR60860, JR60861, JR60895, JR60895, JR60902, JR60924, JR60932, JR60938, JR60939, JR60961, JR60963, JR60963, JR60965, JR60970, JR61006, JR61010, JR61031, JR61033, JR61034, JR61036, JR61045, JR61057, JR61058, JR61059, JR61092, JR61096, JR61118, JR61131, JR61134, JR61135, JR61139, JR61140, JR61172, JR61178, JR61181, JR61187, JR61219, JR61224, JR61226, JR61239, JR61241, JR61241, JR61244, JR61246, JR61259, JR61261, JR61277, JR61290, JR61308, JR61312, JR61333, JR61335, JR61347, JR61348, JR61370, JR61377, JR61408, JR61412, JR61414, JR61429, JR61435, JR61448, JR61455, JR61468, JR61496, JR61517, JR61518, JR61519, JR61520, JR61531, JR61542, JR61548, JR61551, JR61596, JR61603

[{"DNLabel":"IIS Microservice Image for InformationServer 11.7.1 FP2","DNDate":"29 Sep 2020","DNLang":"US English","DNSize":"1 B","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Information Server 11.7.1 Fix Pack2","DNDate":"29 Sep 2020","DNLang":"US English","DNSize":"1 B","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null}]

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[{"Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSZJPZ","label":"IBM InfoSphere Information Server"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m50000000L32vAAC","label":"Patch Installer->Cumulative Service - Fix Packs and Service Packs"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"}],"Version":"11.7.1"}]

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29 September 2020