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Support Policy Change: Revisions to the Support Policy for CNCF Kubernetes for Cloud Pak for Automation



Going forward, Cloud Pak for Automation releases after 20.0.2 will only support certain capabilities on CNCF Kubernetes.


For reference, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) maintains the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program.  References to ‘CNCF’ throughout this document means Cloud Native Computing Foundation Certified Kubernetes.
IBM is implementing a change to our support policy around CNCF Kubernetes support with Cloud Pak for Automation.  Customers running IBM Cloud Pak for Automation version 20.0.2 or earlier will continue to be supported as per the current policy.   If you are running Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.2 or earlier on a CNCF Kubernetes platform other than Red Hat OpenShift please reach out to IBM Support or your IBM Account Team representative. Determination of support is based on the support policy in place at time of purchase.  
Going forward, IBM intends to support CNCF Kubernetes for the following capabilities:  FileNet Content Manager, Business Automation Workflow, Operational Decision Manager, and Enterprise Records. Support for the following set of capabilities will be limited to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in future releases of Cloud Pak for Automation after version 20.0.2: Business Automation Studio, Business Automation Insights, Automation Decision Services, Business Automation Content Analyzer, Automation Workstream Service, and Automation Digital Worker.

All statements regarding IBM's plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
Questions and Answers
Q: I am running Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.2 on a CNCF Kubernetes platform, does this policy apply to me?
A: No. This change in policy is effective beginning with the next Cloud Pak for Automation update package.
Q: What specifically is changing with this policy change?
A: After Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0.2, capabilities such as Business Automation Studio, Business Automation Insights, and others will only be supported on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.  IBM will stop supporting these on CNCF Kubernetes.
Q: Will I continue to be supported if I upgrade to the next Cloud Pak for Automation release?
A: Customers who are eligible under the current support policy may continue to upgrade to future versions of Cloud Pak for Automation.

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Modified date:
29 September 2020