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How to Configure TM1 Application Web to connect to TM1 Web since ? (IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services)

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Since Planning Analytics, the TM1 Web component has been removed from the TM1 Application Server ("IBM Cognos TM1" service, using Websphere Liberty Profile). Now TM1 Web installation has to be done separately, by downloading "IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" (IBM PASS) from IBM Fix Central web site ( ), and installing it either separately or on the same machine as an existing Planning Analytics installation.

IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services is installed on a separate directory (C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1web) and it creates a new service named "IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services"

If "IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" is installed on the same machine as a previous version of Planning Analytics Web Tier then the installer stops the existing "IBM Cognos TM1" service, set it to "Manual", and install a new service called "IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" which will listen on port 9510 by default.

If "IBM Cognos TM1" service is still needed because either pmhub or TM1 Application Web (pmpsvc) is still required, then some additional steps are needed.


1-Stop "IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" service
2-As an administrator, open the server.xml file located in the C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1web\wlp\usr\servers\tm1web directory
3-Change the httpPort attribute value within the httpEndpoint element from 9510 to 9511 (for example), then save the server.xml file
4-Restart "IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services" service
5-TM1 Web should now be available on port 9511. Check this by trying to reach http://YourTM1WebMachineName:9511/tm1web
6-Open the pmpsvc_config.xml file located in the C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration directory
7-In the <client id="thinClient" ...> tag, replace uri="http://YourTM1WebMachine:9510/tm1web/Contributor.jsp" by uri="http://YourTM1WebMachine:9511/tm1web/Contributor.jsp" (i.e. Change port number from 9510 to 9511), and save the file.
[if that line does not exist, that means TM1 Application Web was never used yet. In that case, this URL can be set later through the web UI, after the first connection. Go directly to point 8]
8-Set "IBM Cognos TM1" service back to "Automatic" and then start it.
Now TM1 Application Web will still be accessed through port 9510, but the Contributor Web Grid (which opens when clicking a node in TM1 Application Web) will use port 9511 to access TM1 Web and thus will be able to display published websheets in the web grid tabs.
Additional step if SSL/TLS is to be used:
The jmxremote port must be changed in jvm.options. Please refer to this document:
Additional steps for Planning Analytics Workspace:
-In <PAW_path>/config/paw.ps1, modify the port number for TM1 Applications Location from 9510 to 9511:
-In Powershell, stop containers and restart them with no command-line option (so that the changes in configuration file can be read and applied to containers):
cd <PAW_path>
./scripts/paw.ps1 stop
Now Workspace should be able to show websheets in books.

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10 December 2020