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Collection of WebSphere Adapter for JDBC Software Technotes (Updated 07/31/2013)

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This technical document is an index of the available WebSphere Adapter for JDBC Software technical notes, technical documentation and important flash messages.


WebSphere Adapter for JDBC Software Technical notes:

1. How to correctly use Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver for WebSphere JDBC adapter under WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2 and WebSphere Process Server V6.2 environment
2. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC version 6.1/6.2 does not poll for events when High Availability is enabled
3. IBM WebSphere Adapter for JDBC, V7.0: software requirements
4. DB2ConnectionCorrelator exception is generated when connecting to DB2 in the Taiwan Chinese locale
5. JDBC Adapter unable to create business object artifacts
6. IBM WebSphere Adapter for JDBC, V6.2: software requirements
7. IBM WebSphere Adapter for JDBC, V7.0.1: software requirements
8. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC fails to initialize cursor when receiving null Business Object
9. Recieve NumberFormatException in runtime when the MaxNumOfRetRS is greater than 999
10. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC V6.0.2.2 fails to re-establish connection to database
11. ClassCastException and CNTR0020E issued in JDBC adapter inbound process
12. MustGather:Collecting Data for Problems with the WebSphere Adapter for JDBC
13. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC fails when database object names contain a database reserved keyword
14. Unable to start more than 20 WebSphere Adapters using WebSphere Process Server
15. Validation of store procedures that have complex types (STRUCT/ARRAY) as parameters
16. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC 6.2 export did not build correctly
17. WebSphere JDBC adapter Enterprise Discovery Service is slow discovering schemas on Oracle database
18. How to set a field to Null by 'Custom' operation in Business Object(BO) Map
19. IBM WebSphere Adapters for JDBC cannot retrieve the metadata from Oracle remote table synonyms
20. JDBC adapter is passing null into BO when calling stored procedure which uses defaults
21. Adapter for JDBC and MySQL database support
22. Using WebSphere Adapter for JDBC to retrieve objects from a Progress database
23. Issue with stored procedure names for MS SQL 2005 server
24. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC Enterprise Service Discovery fails when trying to import a stored procedure from a Sybase database
25. WebSphere JDBC adapter is locking rows on database table and causing other applications to timeout accessing same tables
26. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC enhancement: Support for dynamic resultset returned from stored procedure
27. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC does not support Struct and Array data types for DB2
28. WebSphere Adapter for JDBC does not support multiple stored procedures with the same name in one schema
29. Business object operation application-specific information for stored procedure not generated correctly
30. Schema name is added to the business object
31. Using XA transactions for Outbound support with a remote DB2 database
32. Error occurs while starting a transaction on Oracle
33. Using transactions in lieu of wrapper business objects for the JDBC adapter
34. Date and time format for object_key column in event table of WebSphere Adapter for JDBC
35. Sample SQL script for generating tables and triggers on i5/OS

[{"Product":{"code":"SSMKUK","label":"WebSphere Adapters Family"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Adapter for JDBC","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"7.5;7.0;6.0","Edition":"WebSphere","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}}]

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