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IBM Policy Insights Release Notes September 2020

Release Notes


IBM Policy Insights September 2020 Release Notes



Welcome to the September 2020 release of Policy Insights. New features, resolved defects, known issues, and other getting started information are highlighted in these release notes.

The product documentation for IBM® Health and Human Services Analytics is available in the IBM Knowledge Center.

What's new in Policy Insights

Feature enhancements in this release are designed to improve how you search for, view, and work with policy documents.

Search Redirect for a not found Deep-link URL in PDF viewer

In the August monthly release, a deep-link URL was introduced in the PDF viewer. When clicked, the URL goes directly to the page in the original document where text is copied from. In the unlikely event that the document is not found via the deep-link URL, you are redirected to the Policy Insights Search home page where you can try running your search again. For ease of use, the search field on the home page is automatically populated with the search term.
Known Issues
  • (4165)  MS Edge browsers only - If you open any policy document in the PDF viewer and use the Keywords modal to add a custom keyword, the keyword is added as expected in the modal. However, unexpectedly, the checkbox displays in gray and incorrectly suggests that there is no keyword match in the document when it exists. The checkbox is expected to display in blue and visually verify that the keyword is in the document.
  • (4397) In the PDF viewer, an issue occurs when you update the Keywords list to change search criteria in an open document. When you open another document in the viewer, the updated Keyword list is not retained. The original keyword list persists.

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