IBM Security Technology Alliance Program - Overview and resources

      Welcome to the IBM Security Technology Alliance Program Site

Welcome to the IBM Security Technology Alliance Program Site

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     The IBM Security Technology Alliance Program (TAP) is the foundation of our open ecosystem for collaborating with technology ISVs, with a goal of creating Apps and integrations that enable our customers to respond faster to threats and reduce integration complexity and costs. The TAP team provides personalized service to technology vendors including use cases guidance and best practices, technical enablement, and technical resources. Apps and integrations are madeavailable to customers via the IBM Security App Exchange.

     If you would like to learn more about how you can join this totally free program you can contact us via email at or join the TAP Community here 

Overview of the Program

The IBM Security Technology Alliance Program provides ISVs with IBM software and assistance to develop integrations with IBM Security products, partners can then submit their integrations for validation by IBM and publishing on the IBM Security App Exchange, allowing easy access by customer.

On hand to help partners are a team of alliance managers and technical enablement specialists, here to guide vendors through the process and help architect their integrations to harness the power of IBM Security. We provide complimentary access to IBM Software and can walk partners through the installations, helping them get up and running as quickly as possible.

In IBM when we say open ecosystem, we mean it, we don't restrict partners with NDAs and our documentation, APIs, and SDKs are online and freely available to all vendors to use to integrate with IBM Security products. Although vendors aren't obliged to, we encourage them to submit their integrations to the IBM Security App Exchange so that they can reach the widest possible audience. This means the integrations are validated by IBM before being published and the App Exchange provides frictionless access to download and install integrations for our customers.

We work with technology partners with any combination of three models of product integration

  1. Partner developed and supported apps- ISV uses IBM SDK(s) to build the integration. Validated by IBM QA teams, and made generally available via the IBM Security App Exchange for joint customers to download, or

  2. Partner delivered integrations - typically these are built-in integrations within the partner product and connect to our published products APIs, including MaaS360, Verify (IAM). These necessarily have minimal IBM validation, but are delivered and supported by the ISV, or

  3. IBM Embedded Integrations - IBM developed integrations embedded within IBM products. ISV partner provides technical assistance to IBM Development, delivered and supported by IBM

Benefits of the Program

The IBM Security Technology Alliance Program provides technical and marketing resources to support innovative, customer driven use cases with technology partner products and our leading IBM Security product portfolio.
What's in it for ISVs? 
Expand your solution and brand visibility with IBM Security’s:
  • Customers
  • Channel Partners
  • Sales Team
  • Services Team
  • Complimentary access to IBM Security products and expertise to develop apps and integrations
  • Developer webinars providing step by step guidance
  • Dedicated Technology Alliance Manager and Technical Enablement Specialist to give help whenever you need it.
  • TAP Community to keep up to date with technical topics on product integration

The IBM Security Technology Alliance team work with hundred of partners each year, bringing new apps and integrations to the App Exchange for the benefit of our mutual customers. We help create blogs, white papers, solution briefs, press releases, webinars and much more, ensuring our customers can easily see how to get the maximum value from their investment. 

  • Your integrated solution published on IBM web sites

    • Presence on IBM Security Technology Alliances Directory

    • Presence on IBM Security Application Exchange

    • IBM Security Community blog announcement (with 14,000 members) 

    • Security Intelligence thought leadership blogs

  • Marketing Events 

    • Marketing Opportunities with initial launch of your integrated solution

    • Marketing opportunities across our customer and partner ecosystem

    • Opportunity to sponsor IBM Security events 

    • Webinars

  • Marketing Collateral

    • IBM Security logo usage to highlight validated, supported integrations and use cases 

    • Press Release templates 

    • IBM Security Community deep dive blogs 

    • Solution Briefs


  • Is this a reseller program? No, but you can work with IBM PartnerWorld to learn more.

  • Is the App Exchange an e-commerce site (ie do you charge for apps)? No, the actual materials on the App Exchange are all free to download.

  • Is there a charge to join the program? No, we don’t charge for software access, validation or assistance under this program.

  • Is there a charge to have my integration (re)validated? No but if you want to submit many versions of your app in quick succession we will work with you to streamline the process.

  • Do I need to sign an NDA? No, our documentation and SDKs are considered non-confidential

  • Can I get free access to your software? Yes, we can provide access to various software titles.

  • Do I need to join IBM PartnerWorld? No, that's not a requirement but you are welcome to join both our program and the general IBM PartnerWorld program.

  • Do I need to sign a partnership agreement? If you submit an app you will need to accept the click-through terms here

  • What do I do to start? Contact us ( and we can arrange an introductory call to explain the program and the opportunities.

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