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Anywhere 7.6.4 - How to change OSLC request to be processed in MIF JVM

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Change anywhere to point to a JVM deployed with another context


Steps for changing context:
1. Navigate to MaximoAnywhere directory and open
Change from "adapter.connection.context=maximo" to "adapter.connection.context=maximo_mif"

2. Navigate to 
Edit authenticationConfig.xml  
Change <parameter name="context" value="maximo"/> to <parameter name="context" value="maximo_mif"/>

3. Edit under 
Change "si.platform.context=maximo" to "si.platform.context=maximo_mif"

4. Run ./ all command

It generates a zip file under MaximoAnywhere/bin directory.  For example,

The build command uploads a copy of the zip file to the Anywhere Administration application, WorkExecution, Deployment tab.   

If you are running SSL , you can manually upload the .zip file by clicking the "New Deployment" button

5. Log in to Maximo® and go to System Properties application

Filter for mxe.oslc.webappurl

Set the Global value to https://hostname:port/maximo_mif/oslc/

NOTE: replace hostname and port with the appropriate proper host name and port number

Save and perform "Live Refresh"

6. Log in to Anywhere app from a mobile device


image 5560

Collect Anywhere related logs:

1. Go to Logging application.  Set OSLC and SQL to INFO

Save and perform live refresh

2. Go to "Set Logging Root Folder" action and enter a directory

3. Expand OSLC logger. Click "manage appenders" icons

Select "Rolling"

Expand SQL logger. Click "manage appenders" icons

Select "Rolling"

4. Go to the Logging root folder on the server machine.  All the Anywhere related logs have the cluster name as part of the filename. For example, mx761_MAXIMOIF_maximo.log

Run Anywhere on a separate JVM:

If you wish to have dedicated JVMs for Anywhere, you could setup a DNS record and then through virtual hosts in WebSphere determine which application through which cluster handles the traffic.  You can setup multiple DNS records and configure with virtual hosts


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