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This document provides an overview of the available IBM® TRIRIGA® add-on solutions and services.

TRIRIGA add-on solutions and services

This list includes a brief description of the IBM® TRIRIGA® add-on solutions and services that are currently available. The links will bring you to the documentation for each product. As new products are added, we will update this document.
IBM TRIRIGA Assistant is a smart, conversational AI assistant that can help users find and reserve meeting rooms, report maintenance issues correctly, and even locate where a colleague sits. The TRIRIGA Assistant is powered by IBM’s Watson Assistant platform. It’s robust and able to be extended to support custom AI skills and capabilities within an enterprise-grade secure cloud.
IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights
IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights is an IBM® TRIRIGA® Perceptive app that provides utilization insights about occupancy and frequency metrics for your buildings, floors, workpoints, and other spaces within your real estate. The utilization insights transforms workplace experiences with AI and analytical capability for intelligent real estate management.
IBM TRIRIGA Reporting provides an enhanced, user-friendly experience for any user (not just administrators) to create and share interactive graphs and report models. You can create custom columns using calculations and view reports against real-time TRIRIGA data. You can also group and aggregate data within reports and design custom report templates. TRIRIGA Reporting is available for both on-premises and SaaS TRIRIGA environments.
FieldFLEX Mobile for IBM TRIRIGA SaaS
FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management processes, such as asset and facility inspections, work task management, facility assessment, space management, workplace reservations, and asset management, to mobile users. FieldFLEX applications enable users to access and update critical TRIRIGA information in online and offline modes.
IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Hub 
IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Hub provides project managers, project team members, project executives, and program managers access to a compelling dashboard for improved visibility across their projects and programs, including in-progress and completed projects and near-term tasks. This IBM TRIRIGA add-on also enables project managers and their team members to perform regular daily project tasks on-site while in the field with enhanced UI/UX Perceptive app capabilities to view and update from mobile devices and tablets for critical functional areas such as project tasks, contracts, purchase orders, change orders, budget changes, transfers and comments, and documents.  

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08 December 2021