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QRadar Risk Manager: Can I download full backup configurations from QRM to restore my network configurations

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Can QRadar Rick Manager (QRM) run a backup repository for network device configuration and use those backups to restore network device configurations?


QRadar Risk Manager (QRM) does not back up full Configuration (config) files that you can download and use them to restore your network device configs directly. QRM runs a capture on the configs that can then be used to rebuild the Configuration. Refer to document: Comparing the Configuration of your network devices.
Administrators can use the steps outlined to access the config backup from your network device. Administrators can use those backups to rebuild the network device configuration manually.


  1. Click Risk Tab
  2. Click Configuration Monitor
  3. Select the IP of the Device
  4. Select History
  5. Double-click Standard-Element-Document (SED)
  6. SED shows the running config results from the last backup config performed from your network device.
  7. SEDs are kept indefinitely until the Asset is deleted from QRM.
Config backup from the network device created.

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22 August 2023