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QRadar: Patch upgrade failed with 'ERROR: This patch was meant for a different version'



During a patch upgrade, if an older versioned SFS file from a previous patch upgrade is still mounted to /media/updates
and the patch upgrade cannot proceed. The following error is displayed to users when this issue occurs:
[ERROR] This patch was meant for a different version (2019.14.1.20230822112654).
 ./ -patchfile /storetmp/750_QRadar_interimfix-  -p ./superpatches.manifest.xml completed with result 0

Resolving The Problem

  1. Use SSH into the QRadar Console as the root user.
  2. Check to ensure the SFS file that is mounted to /media/updates is the expected version.
  3. Check to see whether older SFS files from previous patch upgrades are still mounted or have stale mount points. You can check this with the following commands:
    # df -Th
    # mount | grep media
  4. Run the following command as many times as needed until it reports back that nothing is mounted on /media/updates:
    # umount /media/updates
    umount: /media/updates: not mounted
  5. Mount the correct SFS file version to be used for the patch upgrade, as instructed by the version's release notes.

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14 December 2023