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How to Add Toleration of IBM® Db2 11.5 to IBM® InfoSphere Optim 11.3

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Toleration of IBM® Db2 11.5 can be added to IBM® InfoSphere Optim Solutions for both the Optim Directory database and as a data source or target database. This document provides instructions on how to update an Optim installation with this function.


The objective of this document is to detail to Optim users the steps to take to update Optim so that it tolerates Db2 11.5.


The minimum level of Optim that toleration of Db2 11.5 can be added to is Optim (fix pack 8). If your Optim installation is not at the level, follow the instructions in the technote "Detailed Instructions to Update or Install IBM InfoSphere Optim 11.3.0 to the Latest Fix Pack" to upgrade your Optim installation to


To add toleration of Db2 11.5 to  your Optim installation, download Optim interim fix 023-A from IBM(R) Fix Central. Follow these steps to find and download Optim interim fix 023-A on IBM® Fix Central:
  1. In the "Product Selector" box, enter Optim
  2. In the "Installed Version" box, select 11.3.0
  3. In the "Platform" box, select All
  4. Select "Continue"
  5. On the "Identify Fixes page", if "Browse for Fixes" is not selected, select it
  6. Select Continue
  7. Select and download OPTM-
  8. Follow the instructions in the associated ReadMe.txt file to install interim fix 023-A
If support is required in Optim Designer, interim fix 003 for it and interim fix 003 for the Optim Web Applications must be installed using IBM Installation Manager (IIM). IIM was used to do the initial install of these components and is also used to update them. To perform the update, follow these steps:
  1. Start IIM on the computer where you want to update Optim Designer or the Optim Web Applications
  2. Select File->Preferences
  3. Ensure the "Search service repositories during installation and updates" checkbox is selected.
  4. Select OK
  5. Select Update
  6. For both the "IBM® InfoSphere" and "IBM® Optim Shared" Package Groups, interim fix 003 is required for Db2 11.5 support.
    Note that if either interim fix 001 or interim fix 002 are installed, a message stating they are not compatible with interim fix 003, as they are both in interim fix 003, is displayed. Installation of interim fix 003 does not proceed until interim fix 001 or interim fix 002 are uninstalled. Both interim fixes 001 and 002 are included in interim fix 003 and are installed when interim fix 003 is installed.
  7. Select Update to complete the installation.

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08 July 2021