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iOS User Enrollment in MaaS360
User Enrollment for iOS has piqued the interest of security minded UEM admins since the day it was announced as a feature in iOS 13.  There are a lot of moving parts to the User Enrollment feature. This blog outlines implementation, deployment, and management of User Enrollment devices in MaaS360.
Apple User Enrollment to Diversify UEM Enrollment Methods
With the introduction of User Enrollment, there is better balance between corporate requirements and personal needs with regard to enrollment methods.
MaaS360 Extends Same Day Support for Windows 10 20H1
The MaaS360 team is excited to announce the availability of same-day support for Windows 10 20H1, also referred to as version 2004. Our goal is to provide continuity of the MaaS360 features regardless of where you are on your migration.
June 2020 Release notes and Beta programs

Webinars and replays

Upcoming Webinar: MaaS360 Android Enterprise Checkpoint on July 15, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)
Here at IBM MaaS360, we want to make sure that all of our clients are aware of the Android Enterprise landscape, and how it will impact device management going forward. Join our Technical Enablement and Client Success teams as they provide a "deployment checklist" to make sure that your admins have the information they need to successfully manage Android devices going forward.

Replay: MaaS360: 2020 Mid-Year Review - What's New and What's Planned
In this video, our MaaS360 experts take a look back at the first half of 2020 with MaaS360 along with what is planned for MaaS360 for the rest of the year. We go over how MaaS360 stands with iOS/Android/Windows management and the general mobile management landscape.

Replay: Re-imagining conditional access with MaaS360 - Virtual User Group
In this video, you will hear from IBM experts about Identity Management and Access Control features in MaaS360, including Multi-factor, Biometric, and Passwordless authentication methods.

Replay: MaaS360 - Deployment checkpoint
This webinar is a MaaS360 deployment Checkpoint webinar which is targeted at MaaS360 administrators who have already gone through the MaaS360 portal set up process. The Deployment Checkpoint webinars will provide you guided checkpoints to ensure you are taking advantage of the MaaS360 capabilities that can improve your security, productivity, and usability.

Dive Deeper

MaaS360: Configuring Android Enterprise Profile Owner Mode for BYOD
In this hands-on lab, you configure MaaS360 with Android Enterprise. You learn how to enable Android Enterprise by using a managed Google Play account and deploy a Work Profile (PO) to manage BYOD for personally-enabled and personally-owned devices.

MaaS360: Installing Cloud Extender
The IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender is a small Windows application that enhances device management capabilities by integrating with behind-the-firewall systems within your environment, such as email, corporate directories, certificate authorities, and application and content servers. In this video, you learn how to install Cloud Extender.

Setting up the MaaS360 Cloud Extender
In this video, you learn about the Cloud Extender, its modules, and related MaaS360 services. You also learn how to get the Cloud Extender installation package and license key.

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