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Batch downloading Cloud Pak for Data Assemblies for airgap installation

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Airgap install requires downloading of the assemblies, transfer them to cloud pak for data cluster's bastion/install host and then installing it. Depends on number of assemblies will be installed and the network download speed, the downloading will take many hours. The following script will help simplify the downloading multiple assemblies with single command.


Batch download the multiple cloud pak for data assemblies without manual interventions for Airgap installs.


Cloud Pak for Data 2.5, 3.x
OpenShift 3.11/4.3


You will need linux or MacOS Client system with internet access for downloading cloud pak for Data installer and assemblies. Some of the assemblies take 40GB to 100GB. So make sure you have sufficient disk space on this system(about 500GB).
Step 1. Download the installers and entitlement APIKEY
Cloud Pak for Data installer need to be downloaded from the IBM Passport Advantage(PPA) with client's account.
Step 2. Update the repo.yaml with APIKEY
Update the following repo.yaml file with your downloaded entitlement API key from
  - url:
    username: cp
    apikey: < Your APIKEY from >
    name: base-registry
  - url:
Step 3.  Create "" file withe following content

catridge="lite wsl wml spss-modeler ds db2wh spark cde wkc dv"

for assembly in $catridge
echo "*****************\n Downloading Assembly $assembly \n******************\n\n"
./cpd-linux  preloadImages -r $repo  -a $assembly --action download --download-path ./$assembly
tar -cvf $assembly-airgap.tar ./$assembly
rm -rf $assembly
rm -rf cpd-linux-workspace
mv $assembly-airgap.tar $targetdir 
Update the "catridge" with all the assemblies you want to download and "targetdir" with the directory you want to copy the downloaded image tar.
Step 4:  Run the batch downloads
sh -x
This above command will provide the verbose messages of downloading of the Cloud pak for Data assemblies.

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21 June 2020