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IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element for z/OS Users

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This table includes APAR/PTF information for IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element for z/OS Users


This table includes committed APAR/PTF information for IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element for z/OS Users.


  • This table is for reference only. Last meaningful update 10 November 2021
  • For information on the content of each WebSphere Liberty CD level (Version) check "here"
  • For information on the Service policy for the IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element check "here"
IBM z/OS Liberty Embedded base element for z/OS Customers starting with Version
Availability Date APAR PTF Version Content Highlights
11/10/2021 PH40974 UI77972 PH40988 (Liberty PH39418), PH40990 (Liberty PH38929), PH40974 (SCRT Update)
PH40150 UI76945
Added, Removed
10/12/2021 PH40973 UI77455 PH40987 (Liberty PH39418), PH40989 (Liberty PH38929), PH40973 (SCRT Update)
06/08/2021 PH37679 UI75661 PH37679 (Liberty PH34906)
05/11/2021 PH36716 UI75122 PH36716 (Liberty PH36576)
04/20/2021 PH36170 UI74948 PH36170 (Liberty PH34711)
04/20/2021 PH35597 UI74617 PH35597 (Liberty PH34122)
04/20/2021 PH35301 UI74485 Added, Removed
06/08/2021 PH37687 UI75673 PH37687 (Liberty PH34906)
04/20/2021 PH36172 UI74950 PH36172 (Liberty PH34711)
04/01/2021 PH35598 UI74635 PH35598 (Liberty PH34122)
02/26/2021 PH34681 UI74112 PH34681 (Liberty PH33563)
PH30593 UI72505 PH30593 (Liberty PH29942)
10/13/2020 PH28842 UI71979 PH28842 (Liberty PH29368), PH29812 (Open Liberty issue 11847)
09/25/2020 PH22624 UI71290 Added, Removed
11/03/2020 PH30591 UI72208 PH30591 (Liberty PH29942)
09/25/2020 PH28754 UI71732 PH28754 (Liberty PH29368)
05/02/2020 PH23954 UI69268 PH23954 (Liberty PH20847), PH23955 (Liberty PH22080), PH24739 (Liberty PH24154)
04/02/2020                             PH22623 UI68251 Added, Removed 
06/01/2020 PH24738 UI69447
05/02/2020 PH23828 UI68734 PH22641, PH22643, PH23828
03/02/2020 PH21702 UI67709 PH21700, PH21702, PH21725
02/04/2020 PH21382 UI67536 PH17781, PH21382
01/03/2020 PH20036 UI66852 PH20036
11/30/2019 PH19062 UI66384 PH19062
11/01/2019 PH17784 UI66224 PH17784, PH17787, PH17793
10/10/2019 PH17809, PH17810 UI65814, UI65815 Added, Removed
03/02/2020 PH21381 UI67692 PH21701, PH21381
03/02/2020 PH21699 UI67784 PH21699
02/04/2020 PH20673 UI67297 PH17778, PH20673
11/01/2019 PH17777 UI65946 PH17777, PH17780, PH17783, PH17792
10/01/2019 PH15307 UI64802 PH15307
05/02/2019 PH10543, PH10544 UI62356, UI62361 Added, Removed

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud \u0026 Data Platform"},"Product":{"code":"SS8L5V","label":"IBM z\/OS Liberty Embedded base element"},"ARM Category":[],"Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"All Version(s)","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB36","label":"IBM Automation"}}]

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