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IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody 9.0.1 has been made generally available. It contains new features, enhancements, and quality improvements, as well as fixes to release 9.0 and previous releases.

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The Change history section provides an overview on what is new in this release with a description of any new functions or enhancements when applicable.

The How critical is this fix section provides information related to the impact of this release to allow you to assess how your environment may be affected.

The Prerequisites section provides important information to review prior to the installation of this release.

The Download package section provides the direct link to obtain the download package for installation in your environment.

The Installation instructions section provides the installation instructions necessary to apply this release into your environment.

The Known side effects section contains a link to the known problems (open defects) identified at the time of this release.

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IBM Knowledge Center provides an entry point to product documentation. You can view, browse, and search online information related to the product.

Click to review a complete list of the defects (APARs) resolved in this release including a list of resolved defects for the entire version family.

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Prerequisites include:

Review the Pre-installation tasks section in IBM Knowledge Center.

Installation Instructions

Review the installation page in IBM Knowledge Center.

Before installation, review the Planning the installation section in IBM Knowledge Center.

After installation, review the Post-installation tasks section in IBM Knowledge Center.

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How critical is this fix?

Impact Assessment
Impact Description

This release contains new features, enhancements, and quality improvements, as well as fixes to release 9.0 and previous releases.

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Regression: An error in the Maintenance Delivery Vehicle (MDV) that produces incorrect or unexpected behavior causing a supported feature to stop functioning as designed.
This includes:

  • Coding errors that cause a regression
  • Documentation or packaging problems that cause a regression
  • Errors reported in a new function delivered in a MDV that cause a regression

Incomplete: An error in the MDV has not regressed, but does not work as designed.
This includes:

  • Fixed APARs which did not solve the original problem but did not break anything new
  • APARs reporting documentation errors, such as readme errors, that cause problems applying an MDV but do not lead to a regression

  • Regression and incomplete APARs are considered fix-in-error or MDV-in-error
  • Definitions above apply only to valid APARs that result in product fixes (APARs returned as working-as-designed are not assessed for being fix-in-error)
  • Issues in major releases due to new functionality do not apply in this definition

There are no known regressions to report.

Problems Solved

Defects resolved

Fix List

Known Side Effects

Review the following list of known issues and open defects:

There are no known issues to report.

Open defects

Review technote 1461170: Open APARs for IBM products available on the Web for information on how to configure your MyNotifications subscription account and subscribe to the APARs you are interested in following.

Change History

What's new

Activity Diagrams: display of operation name without owner's name

For call operation elements in activity diagrams, it is now possible to specify that the operation name should be displayed without its owner's name (for example, without the name of the class that it belongs to).

AUTOSAR: new profiles added

For AUTOSAR models, the following new profiles are now available: AUTOSAR_450_R1911 (adaptive profile) and AUTOSAR_450 (classic profile). Authoring and ARXML import/export are available for both these profiles.

Diagrams: auto-selection of elements for Populate Diagram

Elements on diagrams that allow "Populate Diagram" now have a pop-up menu entry called "Populate...". If you select a diagram element and then select the "Populate..." option, the element will already be selected when the Populate Diagram window is displayed. If you select multiple elements before selecting "Populate...", all of these elements will already be selected when the Populate Diagram window is displayed.

Diagrams: include diagram description in diagram

It is now possible to have a diagram include the description that you defined for it in the Features window. To show the diagram description, right-click the drawing canvas and select Show/Hide Diagram Description. To use this feature, you must change the value of the property General::Graphics::ShowDiagramDescriptionMenu to TRUE.

Diagrams: quick navigation in Block Definition Diagrams

For blocks in Block Definition Diagrams, the relevant Internal Block Diagram is now the first item in the list of quick navigation shortcuts.

Diagrams: single confirmation when deleting multiple diagrams

When you delete multiple diagrams from a model in one action, you no longer have to confirm the deletion of each diagram separately.

Diagrams: specifying "main diagram" for typed object

You can now specify a "main diagram" for a typed object that is different from the "main diagram" that was defined for its type.

Integration with EWM: CM status now included in enhanced tooltip

For projects that have the CMTool property set to EngineeringWorkflowManagement, the enhanced tooltip for model units now includes the CM status of the relevant file, for example, Unresolved or Incoming.

Integration with EWM: performing EWM actions on a unit and its descendants

A "Unit with descendants" submenu has been added to the pop-up menu for Rhapsody model units. This submenu makes it possible to carry out EWM actions such as lock, check-in, and deliver, on a unit and on all its descendants that are defined as units. The "Unit with descendants" option is visible only if the value of the property ShowCMStatusOfSubUnits is set to True and the unit has descendants that were defined as separate units.

Properties: new keywords for unit location in conditional properties

When defining conditional properties, you can now use the following keywords related to unit location: $<UnitFolder> (full path of the folder that contains the unit file), $<UnitPath> (full path of the unit file), and $<UnitRelativePath> (path of the unit file, relative to the location of the unit that owns this unit).

Reporting: generation of HTML model reports with Engineering Publishing - now for all profiles

The template snippets used for the auto-generated Engineering Publishing template have been made generic so that generated reports can include terminology from any profile, such as AUTOSAR, UPDM, or a user-defined profile.

Rhapsody API: adding multiple units to a model

A method named addUnitsToModel has been added to IRPApplication to make it possible to add multiple units to a model with a single method call.

Rhapsody API: getting graphical elements for DiagramViews

The method IRPDiagram.getGraphicalElements has been enhanced so that it can now be used to retrieve the graphical elements on a DiagramView.

Rhapsody API: new method for returning path of unit

A new method named getUnitPath has been added to IRPUnit. This method returns the path of the unit, including the name of the file. The method includes an argument that can be used to specify whether the path returned should be a full path or a relative path.

Rhapsody API: new methods added for IRPStatechart

New methods have been added to IRPStatechart for adding accept event actions (addNewAcceptEventAction) and adding accept time events (addNewAcceptTimeEvent).

Search and Replace window: new option added - All Diagrams

The options for searching Views now include an "All Diagrams" option. When this option is selected, Rhapsody carries out the search in all diagrams, whether open or not, and does not search tables and matrices.

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