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Changes to TM1Web Deployment for Planning Analytics Local with the 2.0.55 Release

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This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the changes to TM1Web in the 2.0.55 Planning Analytics Local release.
The IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Service (TM1Web) will be delivered in it's own installation kit starting with the IBM Planning Analytics Local release.  The first generally available version of TM1Web that is provided with it's own installation kit is 2.0.55.  Prior to the 2.0.55 release, TM1Web was provided in the Planning Analytics installation kit that also included TM1 Server, TM1 Applications, and the TM1 Client tools.
Q1. Why is TM1Web being moved to it's own installation kit?
A1. There are a number reasons for this change.  There is a dependency between the version of TM1Web and Planning Analytics for Excel, than between TM1Web and the TM1 Server.  New features and capabilities being developeed for Planning Analytics for Excel releases will require an update to TM1Web to support .  This change allows for updates to TM1Web to be delivered in parallel with updates to Planning Analytics for Excel.
Q2. Does this impact customers using Planning Analytics on IBM Cloud ?
A2. No, this change only impacts Planning Analytics Local customers that are updating past the TM1Web (TM1Web 2.0.55 or IBM Planning Analytics
Q3. Will TM1Web continue to be provided with the TM1 Server (long cadence) installation kit?
A3. No.  The IBM Planning Analytics release is the last release where the TM1 Server installation kit includes TM1Web.  
Q4. What versions of TM1 Server have been tested by IBM with the TM1Web 2.0.55 release?
A4. TM1 Server versions 2.0.7, 2.0.8, and have been tested with the TM1Web 2.0.55 release.  IBM will test each new release of TM1Web with the current release of 2.0.9.x.
Q5. What versions of IBM Planning Analytics for Excel and Planning Analytics Workspace have been tested with TM1Web 2.0.55?
A5. Details about conformance between Planning Analytics components can be found here:
Q6. Will IBM continue to provide Interim Fixes or hotsites for TM1Web?
A6. Starting with the release of TM1Web 2.0.55, any defect corrections will be provided in the next generally available release of TM1Web.  The is consistent with the continuous delivery strategy for Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel.  Planning Analytics Local customers should consider updating Planning Analytics Workspace, Planning Analytics for Excel, and TM1Web on a regular basis.
Q7. Where can I find details about defects (APARs) resolves in each release of TM1Web?
A7. Please see:   After the TM1Web 2.0.55 release all corrected APARs will be tracked in a separate section of this document.
Q8. What if TM1Web is already installed as part of the same installation as my TM1 Server (TM1 Server and TM1Web installed in the same directory on the same computer)?
A8. The TM1Web 2.0.55 installer will install TM1Web into it's own directory.  The previous service that ran TM1Web on Windows named IBM Cognos TM1 will be stopped and set to manual startup.  A new service named  IBM Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services will be added as part of the TM1Web 2.0.55 installation.  The existing config (memory sizing, ssl, etc) will be copied over from the existing install to the new install. The service is set to automatically start, but is not started as part of the installation. This allows you to make any desired configuration modifications before starting the service for the first time.  After that, the service will automatically start upon system reboot or any other event that starts services. 
Q9. Follow up to question Q9.  What if my old IBM Cognos TM1 service was also being used to run TM1 Applications (pmpsvc)?
A9. If the IBM Cognos TM1 service was also being used to run TM1 Applications (pmpsvc) then it must be reconfigured and re-enabled
Q10. What if my TM1Web is installed on a different system then the TM1 Server?
A10. The new TM1Web 2.0.55 installation kit does not require TM1 Server, or another other Planning Analytics software components, to be installed on the same system.
Q11. Is TM1 Applications (pmpsvc) also being moved to the TM1Web installation kit or it's own installation?
A11. No, TM1 Applications will remain as part of the long cadence delivery.  The IBM Planning Analytics team does not plan on moving TM1 Application to it's own installation kit or the TM1Web installing kit at any point.
Q12. What if I want to install TM1 Applications (pmpsvc) on the same system as TM1Web, or TM1 Applications is already installed on a system where I'm installing TM1Web 2.0.55? 
A12. If TM1 Applications and TM1Web 2.0.55 are installed on the same system they will each need unique port numbers.  TM1 Applications and TM1Web 2.0.55 each need to be installed in their own directory.  
Q13. My current TM1Web is configured to use SSL (HTTP).  How do I move my existing SSL implementation to the new TM1Web stand alone install?
A13.  If TM1Web 2.0.55 is installed on a Windows Server that contains an older TM1Web install the SSL configuration from the existing TM1Web installation will be automatically migrated to the new TM1Web install.  When installing 
Q14. How do I setup SSL (HTTPS) for the new TM1Web stand alone install from scratch?
Q15. Can I use Cognos Configuration to install and configure the TM1Web 2.0.55?
A15. Cognos Configuration is not provided with the TM1Web 2.0.55 stand alone installer.  Installation of the TM1Web service on Windows Server is performed as part of the  TM1Web 2.0.55 installer.  Configuration of TM1Web 2.0.55 is based on updating configuration files.
Q16. Where can I find the documentation for the install and configure TM1Web using the stand alone installer?
Q17. What operating systems is the standalone TM1Web 2.0.55 installer supported on?
A17. There is an installation kit for both Windows Server and Linux.  A detailed list of supported operating systems for all IBM Planning Analytics components can be accessed on the Software Product Compatibility Reports.  Please see: 
Q18. What are the minimum hardware specifications for TM1Web
A18. The minimum suggested requirement for a system running TM1Web is 4 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM.  The default memory allocation for the JVM heap size for TM1Web has changed from 1.5 GB to 4GB.  The actually memory required to run TM1Web depends on the number of users and size and design of Websheets.  It's not uncommon for TM1Web to require up to 64 GB of RAM, depending on the number of users and Websheet design.  Additional details about memory sizing for TM1Web can be found here:

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24 July 2020