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How to consume custom python packages from Jupyter Notebook

How To


How to use custom python packages across Jupyter notebooks in Cloud Pak for Data from local pip repo server.



1. Setup a local pip repository on Bastion host or any host accesable to cloud Pak for Data nodes
Example of Running pip repo server on Bastion Host
$ pip install pypiserver
$ mkdir /var/www/html/aix360
$ cd /var/www/html/aix360
$ unzip
$ python sdist
2. Start the pip repo server
$ pypi-server -p 8080 /var/www/html/aix360
Step 3.  in Cloud Pak for Data Jupyter notebook 
  !pip install -f <customer pip server URL>  <package> --trusted-host <pip-server-host>  image 3962

Additional Information

This method allows the user to consume the custom packages in multiple Jupyter notes.

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Modified date:
03 June 2020