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QRadar: UI unavailable, hostservices service is unable to start on the console when docker service is unable to start



If the docker service fails to start on the console for some reason, the hostservices service also fails to start. And as a result, the tomcat service does not start.  The user interface does not load and is disabled through the web browser.


The failure of the hostservices service to start is caused by a docker service dependency check within the /opt/qradar/systemd/bin/ startup script.

Diagnosing The Problem

Check the status of the following services:
# systemctl status hostservices
# systemctl status docker
Check the service journal output of the hostservices service to look for an error message similar to the following:
# journalctl -u hostservices
Dec 08 08:53:11[24897]: Configuring docker daemon...
Dec 08 08:53:11 systemd[1]: docker.service: control process exited, code=exited status=1
Dec 08 08:53:11 systemd[1]: Failed to start Docker Application Container Engine.
-- Subject: Unit docker.service has failed

Resolving The Problem

To restore access to the web user interface take the following steps:
Make a backup of the /opt/qradar/systemd/bin/ file, for example:
# cp /opt/qradar/systemd/bin/ /store/ibm_support
Then, edit and change following value settings in the /opt/qradar/systemd/bin/ file:
# vim /opt/qradar/systemd/bin/
Change the following setting values from:
SERVICE_DOCKER_ENABLED=`/opt/qradar/bin/myver -docker`
SUPPORTS_APPS=$(/opt/qradar/bin/myver -sa)
And save the changes to the file:
Then, start and check the status of services:
# systemctl start hostservices; systemctl status hostservices
# systemctl start tomcat; systemctl status tomcat
# systemctl start hostcontext; systemctl status hostcontext
Subsequently, to address the issue with the docker service (and the apps) not starting, open a new case with IBM Support for investigation.

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04 January 2021