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The IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for the following releases and platforms: CICS TG 9.1, CICS TG 9.2, and CICS TG 9.3 (for z/OS and Multiplatforms).

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The CICS TG SDK contains all the CICS TG JARs, RARs, shared libraries, headers, libs, and schemas that are needed to write, compile, and ship a CICS TG application for any supported release of CICS TG. The SDK is designed to provide everything that is required to write a client application, implementing one of the exits, processing CICS TG statistics, and creating JSON web services.
For developing a client application, the SDK includes the files needed to compile the application. These files include samples on the use of remote mode applications and the runtime files to deploy with the application. For example, a Microsoft .NET developer can find relevant resources in directory cicstg/api/dotnet. This directory contains file IBM.CTG.Client.dll to reference in Microsoft Visual Studio when writing and deploying the application. Sample projects for EciB1 show how to write a basic COMMAREA application and also reference API documentation.

If one of the CICS TG SPIs is being used, like a CICS request exit or the Java statistics API, then the CICS TG SDK provides the same kind of files as those provided for client applications. When developing a new Request Monitoring exit, the supplied ctgrme.jar should be referenced. This JAR contains the interfaces to implement and compile against. Furthermore, the supplied BasicMonitor sample shows a simple implementation to provide users with a place to start. A local copy of the Javadoc is also made available. For creating JSON web services, refer to directory cicstgsdk/webservices. This directory includes the JSON web services assistant and sample input files for creating WSBind files.

Lastly, license terms are available for reference in directory cicstgsdk/license. Within the license terms certain components are listed which grant the user entitlement to redistribute, with certain restrictions described by the terms. Please read the license terms carefully.
Note that HP-UX and Solaris platforms are not supported for CICS TG for z/OS 9.3 SDK. These platforms are not supported for running CICS TG applications for this release of the SDK.
The latest update to CICS TG SDK release 9.2 and release 9.3 was on October 21, 2022.

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Select for download the zip file or compressed tar archive that is appropriate for your system:

For CICS TG 9.1: Download (Win32)zip or (Unix)tar.gz. A readme file is available.

For CICS TG 9.2: Download (Win32)zip or (Unix)tar.gz. A readme file is available.

For CICS TG 9.3: Download (Win32)zip or (Unix)tar.gz. A readme file is available.


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CTG;CICS TG; CTG SDK; CICS TG SDK; CICS Transaction Gateway; CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS; CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms

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Modified date:
21 October 2022