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Clearing the internal cache after installing a patch on Cloud Pak for Data 2.5.0

How To


After you install patch cpd- or later on IBM Cloud Pak for Data 2.5.0, run the attached shell script to clear a cache that Watson Knowledge Catalog uses for the automated syncing of information assets to the default catalog.

You must clear the cache to prevent performance problems when syncing assets.


  • Run the script from a Linux or MacOS system.  The machine must have:
    • The curl command available
    • Network access to the system where Cloud Pak for Data is deployed.
  • Cloud Pak for Data must be running on your cluster. The script will fail if Cloud Pak for Data is down.
  • You must provide the username and password of a Cloud Pak for Data administrator to run the script.


Obtaining the script
  1. Copy the attached script,, to the Linux or MacOS system that can connect to your cluster.
Running the script
  1. Change to the directory where you placed the script.
  2. Make the script executable:
    chmod u+x
  3. Run the script:
    ./ Cloud_Pak_for_Data_hostname admin_username admin_password
    Replace the following variables with the correct values for your environment:
    • Cloud_Pak_for_Data_hostname
    • admin_username
    • admin_password
When the script completes, you should see a similar message in the output:
Cloudant revision cache has been cleared successfully for the default catalog (ac4d7fc8-85ff-499e-ba09-405986667cd3).

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02 June 2020