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IBM Watson Care Manager Release Notes October 2018

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IBM® Watson™ Care Manager October 2018 Release Notes



Welcome to the October release of IBM Watson Care Manager. In this release we continue with the Integrations theme, with new and updated APIs. In addition, we introduce usability updates to improve your user experience in the administrator application and Connect Providers. For Reporting users, we continue the roll out of improved reporting education.

So that you can more easily identify the changes that apply to your instance of Watson Care Manager, updates are tagged as follows:

  • Watson Care Manager - these updates are for all Watson Care Manager customers.
  • Reporting - these items apply to all Watson Care Manager customers that use Watson Care Manager Reporting.
  • Providers enabled - these items apply to Watson Care Manager customers with the Providers feature enabled.
  • Organization Units - these updates are for all Watson Care Manager customers with Organization Units enabled.
  • Community Service Referral - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Community Service Referral add-on.
  • Community Service Payment - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Community Service Payment add-on.
  • Connect Providers - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Connect Providers add-on.
  • Connect Individuals - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Watson Care Manager Connect Individual add-on.
What's new for care teams
View more information about care team members

Watson Care Manager

So that you can quickly identify the care team member that performed an action, you can now view the care team member’s profile and contact details as a tooltip on the following pages:

  • Referrals
  • Consent records
  • Client status
Recording the source and original Source for notes and touchpoints

Watson Care Manager
So that you can identify if a note or touchpoint was created by the care team in Watson Care Manager, or received from an external system, you can now view the source and the original source system values for notes and touchpoints.
Deleting a client

Watson Care Manager
To ensure that a deleted client’s information is no longer accessible, when you delete a client, the client’s summary closes and you are returned to the Care Manager workspace (the Watson Care Manager home page). In addition, the client is now removed from your Recent Items list.
New notes filters

Watson Care Manager
To ensure that a deleted client’s information is no longer accessible, when you delete a client, the client’s summary now closes and you are returned to the Care Manager workspace (the Watson Care Manager home page). In addition, the client is now removed from your Recent Items list.
What's new for administrators
Adding questionnaire questions

Watson Care Manager

Previously, when you configured questionnaires you could configure up to 80 questions.  You can now configure questionnaires that have a maximum of 100 questions. 

Configuring more questions for questionnaires

Watson Care Manager

When you are configuring conditional questions in a questionnaire in previous versions of Watson Care Manager, when you reached the maximum number of conditional questions that you could add, the link to add more questions was disabled. To improve your user experience by making it clearer that you cannot add more questions, an informational message now tells you that no more conditional questions can be added.

Configuring an external system reference

Watson Care Manager

The External System Reference identifies items received through an API from an external application so that the items can be matched against a configured value in Watson Care Manager. Once the item is matched against a configured value, a record is created for the client.

For example, if the action Meal Plan Assistance is configured by the administrator to have an External System Reference CAMP1. Then, when action data is received via an external application for Laurie Thompson, in addition to the information that identifies Laurie and the action details, if the action data includes the External System Reference CAMP1, Watson Care Manager matched the received action data to the configured Meal Plan Assistance action. A Meal Plan Assistance action is then created on Laurie Thompson’s plan and assigned to a general goal.

You can specify an External System Reference for the following items:

  • Source system
  • Original source system
  • Actions.
What's new for reporting
Reporting education and documentation

To help report creators to better understand and to get up to speed quickly with IBM Watson Care Manager Reporting, details of the coverage data model are included to help you better understand the design of the coverage folder when you are designing reports. The relationships used in the model are highlighted that use some examples from the Coverage folder.

What's new for integrations and APIs
Searching for a client in both Watson Care Manager and IBM Explorys EPM Registry

Watson Care Manager
If your instance of Watson Care Manager is integrated with EPM Registry, you can now search across both applications for a client so that you can find the client in the system that they are registered in.
New and updated APIs

Watson Care Manager
  • A new API, the Care Team Actions API, is now available to receive care team actions from an external system that are created for clients that are registered in Watson Care Manager.
  • The Notes API is updated to include Source and Original Source system values and also to identify the Note Type by the corresponding External System Reference code.
  • The Touchpoints API is updated to include Source and Original Source system values so the Watson Care Manager user can understand the source of the touchpoints.
What's new for providers
Managing services

Connect Providers  Service Providers
  • Services that are not added to a category by the administrator now display in the ‘Uncategorized Services’ category.
  • In response to your feedback, it is now easier to associate locations with your services.
Managing locations

Connect Providers  Service Providers

  • The organization tab is now separated into 3 tabs, About, Locations, and Contacts.
  • In response to your feedback, we have made it easier to add locations to your organization’s profile.
Resolved issues

Watson Care Manager

  • When you are adding services to a client’s plan and click + to search for services in the Services library, the service names are not displaying correctly in the list returned. (TS001356047)
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 11, you cannot update text in a text field. To update the text, you must first delete the existing text and then add the update. (236955, TS001401682)
  • When you are planning a client’s services from the Plan view, the first service returned when you search for a service does not display correctly. There is a blank space where the service name is. (236474)
  • If you add a Risk to the Risk summary card, the card might not refresh automatically with the added risk. Refresh the card manually if this occurs. (235446)
  • A timeout error can occur when the administrator is trying to add a new conditional question to a questionnaire. To avoid this issue, avoid adding more than 80 conditional questions to a questionnaire. (235186, TS001135337, TS000991724)
  • When an original source system value is created and associated with any data type, an error displays when the administrator views the expanded view of the data type on the Source Systems data types list page. To avoid this error, the original source system can be configured for the date types by opening the Edit data type page from the Source Systems data types list page. To resolve the error, you can open the Edit page for the original source system, and save it with the selected data types. (235513)
  • When you are creating a questionnaire, if you are editing a Goal Suggestion so that an action is automatically added to the goal, when you save the goal suggestion, the page does not close and the Suggestion page opens incorrectly. However, the details entered are saved. (235490)
  • If a task was created by one user and updated by another user, when you click the name of the user that updated the task so that you can see that user’s details, the details of the user that created the task are shown instead. (235295)
  • When you navigate to the Care Team page from the tooltip on a care team member’s name on the Task page, the Task page does not close. (235215)
  • On the Task page, when you open the tooltip on a care team role name on a task that is assigned to a care team role, an error displays. (235210)
  • An internal server error is on the My Clients, Search Clients, and Register Clients pages when the signed in care team member is managing the care of more that 1000 clients. (233211)
Known Issues

Watson Care Manager

  • The fields in the New Note page are not aligned correctly. (237562)
  • Google maps are not loading when an administrator click the confirm location link when registering a new provider’s address. (237730)
  • When a document is attached to a Client’s Consent Record and the Consent Record is in the Received status, the Delete row level action for the attachment is disabled. (237185)
  • If you are using the Chrome browser to sign up to receive payments via PayPal, when you complete the sign-up steps in PayPal the browser hangs instead of confirming that the sign-up is complete and returning you to Connect. If this issue occurs, refresh the browse page. (236522)
  • When you delete a client, your Care Manager Workspace might not display correctly, if this issue occurs reload the page. (235880)
  • When you filter medication records, records that have no start date are not filtered correctly. (234428)
  • An error message displays if you deactivate a client on the Unassigned Clients list that you do not have access to. To avoid this issue, request emergency access to the client before you deactivate the client. (232091)
  • For systems integrated with EPM, the alert triggered when EPM returns Risk Scores to Watson Care Manager might contain some inaccurate information. The alert indicates that the client has been matched on the EPM system and clinical data has been received by Watson Care Manager. However, this might not be the case as Risk scores are automatically generated for any client received by EPM even if the client was not matched on EPM. (223580)
  • When a task is created by a care team member, this task is displayed on the week view of the calendar, but it does not display on the day view.(237523, TS000964057)
  • When a 3 letter search is performed when adding Conditions, Medications, or Allergies in Watson Care Manager, a blank page displays if too many results to display are returned. To avoid this issue, refine your search criteria. (217057, TS000047126, TS000055247)


  • The reporting application is treating Allergy names as case-sensitive, for example, when you generate a report of the number of clients with specific allergy types, allergy names in different cases are being considered as two different allergies. (224396)

Watson Care Manager Connect Providers

  • The Configured Support Contact email is not displaying on the Connect Providers User Agreement. However, the Configured Support Contact phone number is displayed. To ensure that users can contact support, ensure that you configure a Support Contact phone number. (234127)

Watson Care Manager Connect Individuals

  • The onboarding emails sent to a users of the Watson Care Manager Providers Connect application and the Watson Care Manager Individuals Connect application contain set password links. These URL links display as plain text in some email clients. If you encounter this issue, cut and paste the URL into a web browser to access the link. (223222)
  • Clients that have completed registration to use the Connect application can still access the application when they are deactivated in Watson Care Manager. (218091)

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