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Download Fix Pack 1 for InfoSphere Information Server Version 11.7.1 now available for Windows, AIX, Linux, and Linux for System Z

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PLEASE NOTE: The image for the engine/server/repository tiers of Fix Pack 1 was updated on June 30, 2020. The microservices tier image was not updated.

The Readme file for this Fix pack can be found here: README

Release Notes including installation instructions can be found here: Release Notes

Known Issues:  Click Here

[{"DNLabel":"IIS Microservice Image for InformationServer 11.7.1 FP1","DNDate":"18 May 2020","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"1 B","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"Information Server 11.7.1 Fix Pack1","DNDate":"30 Jun 2020","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"1 B","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux on IBM Z Systems","code":"PF051"},"DNURL":"*","DNURL_FTP":"","DDURL":null}]

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[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSZJPZ","label":"IBM InfoSphere Information Server"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m500000008XJdAAM","label":"Patch Installer"},{"code":"a8m50000000L32vAAC","label":"Patch Installer->Cumulative Service - Fix Packs and Service Packs"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"11.7.1","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}}]

Problems (APARS) fixed
JR58698; JR59692; JR59696; JR60055; JR60352; JR60567; JR60698; JR60707; JR60788; JR60794; JR60809; JR60811; JR60814; JR60833; JR60881; JR60903; JR60925; JR60966; JR61070; JR61073; JR61201; JR61212; JR61256; JR61257; JR61260; JR61313; JR61325; JR61337; JR61338; JR61341; JR61389; JR61437; JR61439; JR61462; JR61508; JR61510; JR61669; JR61765; JR61809; JR61827; JR61829; JR61854; JR61869; JR61875; JR61878; JR61892; JR61902; JR61935; JR62046; JR62133; JR51143; JR56604; JR59699; JR60699; JR60771; JR60772; JR60779; JR60783; JR60793; JR60805; JR60806; JR60834; JR60857; JR60858; JR60868; JR60904; JR60929; JR60935; JR60940; JR60941; JR60993; JR61009; JR61046; JR61048; JR61065; JR61107; JR61112; JR61117; JR61141; JR61142; JR61160; JR61167; JR61168; JR61202; JR61217; JR61229; JR61231; JR61242; JR61309; JR61322; JR61338; JR61346; JR61349; JR61367; JR61390; JR61419; JR61453; JR61501; JR61521; JR61543; JR61567; JR61569; JR61574; JR61587; JR61601; JR61615; JR61634; JR61636; JR61638; JR61709; JR61723; JR61759; JR61763; JR61796; JR61811; JR61815; JR61816; JR61840; JR61860; JR61865; JR61885; JR61956; JR61958; JR61964; JR61971; JR61985; JR61996; JR62029; JR62089; JR61814; JR61966; JR61969; JR62101; JR62156; JR62188; JR62290; JR62304; JR60739; JR60943; JR61020; JR61121; JR61127; JR61205; JR61549; JR61907; JR61926; JR62012; JR60586; JR60633; JR60652; JR60898; JR61042; JR61049; JR61109; JR61174; JR61328; JR61479; JR61563; JR61626; JR61640; JR61726; JR61781; JR61941; JR61480; JR61578; JR61710; JR61738; JR61746; JR61768; JR61804; JR61843; JR61876; JR61886; JR61890; JR61908; JR61909; JR61914; JR61938; JR61992; JR62003; JR62004; JR62018; JR62031; JR62038; JR62051; JR62054; JR62056; JR62057; JR62123; JR62136; JR62138; JR62157; JR62161; JR62216; JR62218; JR62254; JR62269; JR62278; JR62297; JR62313; JR61529; JR61530; JR61548; JR61561; JR61562; JR61581; JR61589; JR61633; JR61642; JR61670; JR61676; JR61719; JR61727; JR61734; JR61788; JR61790; JR61792; JR61799; JR61858; JR61861; JR61867; JR61884; JR61895; JR61929; JR61931; JR61939; JR61944; JR61977; JR61994; JR62008; JR62106; JR62164; JR62171; JR62189; JR62191; JR62276; JR62303; JR62174; JR60950; JR61140; JR61276; JR61527; JR61635; JR61685; JR61706; JR61754; JR61887; JR61915; JR61920; JR61937; JR62039; JR60956; JR61498; JR61706; JR61749; JR61933; JR61942; JR61330; JR61331; JR60197; JR61370; JR61412; JR61445; JR61447; JR61846; JR61909; JR61981; JR61988; JR62088; JR62130; JR62150; JR62185; JR62342; JR61753; JR61915; JR61943; JR62147; JR62148; JR61781; JR61894; JR60005; JR60139; JR60299; JR60451; JR60579; JR60610; JR60695; JR60700; JR60782; JR60785; JR60826; JR60831; JR60832; JR60835; JR60857; JR60860; JR60861; JR60895; JR60895; JR60902; JR60924; JR60932; JR60938; JR60939; JR60961; JR60963; JR60963; JR60965; JR60970; JR61006; JR61010; JR61031; JR61033; JR61034; JR61036; JR61045; JR61057; JR61058; JR61059; JR61092; JR61096; JR61118; JR61131; JR61134; JR61135; JR61139; JR61140; JR61172; JR61178; JR61181; JR61187; JR61219; JR61224; JR61226; JR61239; JR61241; JR61241; JR61244; JR61246; JR61259; JR61261; JR61277; JR61290; JR61308; JR61312; JR61333; JR61335; JR61347; JR61348; JR61370; JR61377; JR61408; JR61412; JR61414; JR61429; JR61435; JR61448; JR61455; JR61468; JR61496; JR61517; JR61518; JR61519; JR61520; JR61531; JR61542; JR61548; JR61551; JR61596; JR61603

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30 June 2020