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IBM Policy Insights Release Notes February 2020

Release Notes


IBM Policy Insights February 2020 Release Notes



Welcome to the February 2020 release of Policy Insights. New features, resolved defects, known issues, and other getting started information are highlighted in these release notes.

The product documentation for IBM Health and Human Services Analytics is available in the IBM Knowledge Center.

What's new in Policy Insights

Feature enhancements in this release are designed to improve how you search for, view, and work with policy documents.

Anti-malware protection in policy documents

Before a policy document is uploaded to Policy Insights, the application scans the document for malware to ensure it is virus free. Therefore, this anti-malware protection measure is not expected behavior. In the unlikely event that you attempt to access malware-infected policy documents either by viewing or downloading an infected PDF, a warning message displays onscreen. For your protection, you are advised to revert to the content owner or the external website to source a clean version of the document. The external website URL is provided but use the link to access the content at your own risk.

Screenshot showing the anti-malware warning message that displays onscreen

NCCI edits updated to last quarter

When you search for medical billing codes (CDT, CPT or HCPCS), the search results reflect current information from the most recent NCCI edits.

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