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Spectrum Discover 2.0.3



Recent releases of IBM Spectrum Discover include many new features including CIFS/SMB scan capability, built-in data mover, and per-fileset scanning. Please virtually drop in and learn more about how IBM Spectrum Discover helps optimize your data center with an expanded range of metadata collection capabilities. With version 2.0.3, the new Management Policies enable you to automatically move data between tiers including IBM Spectrum Scale pools and IBM Cloud Object Storage. This new functionality, generally referred to as the "data mover," delivers an end-to-end solution for identifying and moving data to the best price/performance storage for data with storage tiers ranging from NVMe to IBM Tape Systems to IBM Cloud Object Storage. Flexibility in IBM Spectrum Discover includes not only the ability to move data between tiers but also to more easily manage data source through its ability to scan CIFS/SMB data sources and finer granularity scan at the granularity of filesets. Please plan to join us for an information-packed overview and demonstration of this new functionality in metadata management through IBM Spectrum Discover.


Date:  Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 

Speakers: Norman Bogard & Isom Crawford, Spectrum Storage Subject Matter Experts from the Washington Systems Center


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