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TS7700 Systems and zOS - Two Partners Better Together!



Are you relatively new to operating or supporting your organization’s TS7700 systems? Has it been an extended period of time since you looked at how your z/OS and TS7700 systems work together? Then this webinar will be valuable to you. While the TS7700 systems continue to support the z/TPF, z/VM and z/VSE operating systems, we’ll keep the discussions in this webinar to just the TS7700 interactions with z/OS systems.

During the webinar, we’ll describe the z/OS components used for tape processing and what role each component plays. Included in this discussion will be an overview of how scratch and specific (private) tape mounts are handled. We’ll then move on to how TS7700 grids and clusters are defined to a z/OS system. The third major topic will cover the process of creating (inserting) new logical volumes as well as its role in setting up logical partitions within a TS7700 grid. The final section of the webinar will then cover the z/OS commands and options available to control and monitor your TS7700 systems.

We’ll have a strong panel of experts available during the webinar to answer your questions. So, please register, attend this webinar, and be ready to learn why TS7700 systems are the premiere virtual tape solution for z/OS!


Date:  Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Speakers: Bill Danz, Client Technical Specialist – Tape Solutions SME and Randy Hensley, Tape Solutions SME


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