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Multiple datapoints are mapped to a single location on a map



In IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting 11.1.6 this is flagged as a data integrity issue that requires manual intervention before data is presented to the report consumer.


A map doesn’t render in Cognos Analytics reports with the following warning: Multiple datapoints map to a single location [“location A”, “Duplicate of Location A”], [“location B”, Duplicate of location B”].


This essentially means that the data column has multiple regions that refer to a single location.
In the following example, single locations (the states of Washington and South Carolina) are referred to by their complete and abbreviated names: "Washington" and "WA", and "South Carolina" and "SC".
image 3052
In this case, the data that we are attempting to map looks like this:
image 3055

Resolving The Problem

You need to manually resolve the data inconsistencies, and confirm the result before presenting it to the report consumer.
In our example, the data must be updated so that each individual location is named consistently. Either“WA” or “Washington” must be used as the Washington state name, and either “South Carolina” or “SC” as the South Carolina state name.
The following examples show ways of updating the data to resolve this data inconsistency issue.
image 3054

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24 April 2020