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SF99675 740 Special Instruction Links - level 2

Preventive Service Planning


SF99675_SI: SF99675 740 Special Instruction Links


Preventive Service Planning -PSP

SF99675 740 Special Instruction Links
Release --

SF99675: 740 Hardware and Related PTFs
Ptf Group level: 2
Last Updated: 1/16/20
Purpose: This file lists the members (and their requisites) of group
SF99675 which have Special Instructions.  If the PTF has already been
installed on the system and the Special Instructions have been followed,
no additional action is required.

PTF Numbers marked with * can be disregarded if applying delayed.
PTF      Level   Licensed  Release Option Feature
Number   Added   Program                    
MF66810*     2   5770999   V7R4M0  0000   5050

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