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Retaining target object ID when copying objects

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By default, when you copy objects to a new location, the copied object completely overwrites the existing object, including any links for the object. This behavior ensures that reports reference packages properly. However, you can change the default copying behavior. For example, you can change the copy behavior if you are overwriting reports that do not reference packages, and you want to maintain a job schedule to run the reports. You can update a configuration so that when you copy objects, the content of the target object is overwritten, but the ID of the target object is retained. You can then refresh a report by copying a newly authored or modified report and overwriting the target report; the job continues to run the report successfully.


Cognos 11.1.x and Cognos 11.2.x
  1. Log in to Cognos with a user that has System Administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to Manage -> Configuration -> System -> Advanced Settings.
  3. Use ContentApps.updateTargetObjectWhenOverwrite as the key and true as the value.
Cognos 11.0.x 
  1. Log in as a system administrator.
  2. Enter the following url in your browser:  http://<yourserver>:<yourport>/bi/utils/ConfigSetter.html
  3. Enter the parameter name in the Name field and specify a value. Information on names and values is listed in the Content section.
    Name: Portal.updateTargetObjectWhenOverwrite
    Value: true
    Click Submit.

    You do not have to restart the system. But the system needs approximately 10 seconds to make the change.
Cognos 10.2.x
  1. Open the system.xml file in an XML editor.

    This file is in the c10_location/templates/ps directory.

  2. Add the following string:
    <param name="updateTargetObjectWhenOverwrite">true</param>
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart the IBM Cognos service.

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24 June 2022