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Business all over the World is being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). To help you, our customers, through some of the challenges, IBM is pleased to announce a limited-time support option, available for selected Cloud Integration offerings and releases reaching End of Support (EOS). This will provide you with continued access to the same knowledgeable global Support team you are working with today.


IBM is pleased to announce a limited-time support option for selected Cloud Integration software that is reaching End of Support (EOS). Until 30 September 2020, customers with active Software Subscription and Support (S&S) will be eligible for Continuing Support for select Cloud Integration offerings and releases.

World-Class Software Support

Under IBM Enterprise Support S&S terms purchased via Passport Advantage software (International Passport Advantage Agreement or International Passport Advantage Express Agreement) or IBM Z software (International Program License Agreement [zIPLA or MLC]), you receive comprehensive cross-platform technical assistance from a team of highly skilled Support experts. Additionally, you get flexible upgrade protection, access to the latest software versions and releases, remote technical support, 24x7 support for business-critical outages, online self-help resources, and unlimited electronic and voice access (where available) to World-class global IBM Software Support Centers.

Continuing Support Option

Continuing Support extends support for your software beyond its EOS date. When your software versions reach their EOS date and support is no longer available through standard Software S&S, you now have the option for Limited Continuing Support, and no longer need to tackle support issues on your own. Until 30 September 2020, for selected Program versions or releases, IBM will provide a level of support consistent with support received under the respective product's S&S terms. However, IBM will only provide existing code patches and fixes and will not develop or provide new patches or fixes (including security) for those versions or releases.

Continuing Support Program Benefits

This limited-time offering allows you to enjoy many of the S&S benefits that matter most to you, including:

· 7 days, 24-hour support for mission critical emergencies (Severity 1)
· Provided by voice in most countries.
· Provided in English, with the local language accommodated when possible.
· Remote problem analysis and assistance during normal country business hours in your time zone.
· Response time objective of two hours during prime shift for voice and electronic problem submissions for Passport Advantage software, while IBM Z software adheres to zIPLA and MLC responsiveness guidelines.
· Response objective for critical/emergency problems (Severity 1) during off-shift hours is two hours.
· Unlimited number of technical support incidents.
· Access to documentation, technotes and other online product material.
· Access to existing available fixes created before the product's EOS date to correct known defects.

The Continuing Support offering does NOT include:

· Voice and electronic access support for code-related problems.
· Development analysis of new defects.
· Development of or packaging fixes that are not already available.
· Support for Supporting Programs and third party components.
·Infrastructure that is not included in the software version’s Hardware and Software Requirement page
. IBM Z products required an additional Support Offering for usage or Q&A support.

Note: For new fixes or patches (including security related), a Service Extensions will be required.

Program Participation

To receive Limited Continuing Support, customers must maintain active S&S for licenses deployed for the software. 

Complete Coverage for Mission Critical Installations & Security Fixes

In addition to Continuing Support, IBM still provides the option of Service Extension (SE). Generally, customers running production, production or secure systems that will require on-going defect and security support, are encouraged to purchase Service Extension (SE). Specifically, for mission-critical installations, it is highly recommended that you continue to proactively purchase a Service Extension to receive full defect and development support assistance. By adding a Service Extension, you will be maintaining the same full defect support coverage you received before the End of Service date, further protecting your installation. If you require development or defect support assistance after the EOS for any version, including during the life of Continuing Support
or with an active Upgrade Bridge contract, you will be required to purchase a Service Extension at that time at IBM's specified charge in order to receive such support. Contact your IBM sales representative for more information, or to purchase these options.

Cloud Integration Products and Releases Covered Under Limited Continuing Support until 30 September 2020:

Application offerings:

  • IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V7.1

Integration offerings:

  • IBM MQ and IBM MQ Advanced for Multiplatforms V8
  • IBM MQ and IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS V8
  • IBM MQ Appliance V8 Firmware only (Hardware not supported)
  • IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V5.3.1
  • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition Enterprise V7.0
  • IBM DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition V7.6

Automation offerings:

  • IBM Operational Decision Manager for z/OS V8.7

Note: some Cloud Integration products already offer Continuing Support. For a list of these, please see:  


1. Why should I take advantage of Limited Continuing Support?

Limited Continuing Support provides flexibility for you to remain up and running on your software version with non-defect support until 30 September 2020. Limited Continuing Support provides uninterrupted access to many of the benefits of S&S until you upgrade to the latest version.

2. What is the cost of Continuing Support?
Continuing Support is available to you when you maintain active S&S or MLC (monthly license charges) on the Cloud Integration products listed above.
To learn more, please contact your local sales representative.

3. I am on a software version which is out of support, and would like to benefit from this offering
Limited Continuing Support is available to customers running on the select Cloud Integration products and releases noted above. To check if Continuing Support is available for your installations, please contact your local sales representative or email inquiries to

4. Are Limited Availability fixes included with Continuing Support?
Continuing Support assistance provides you with access to pre-existing and available fixes. Limited Availability fix will NOT be created as part of this offering. If a Limited Availability fix is required, you will need to purchase and sign a contract for a Service Extension.


5. Should I purchase a Service Extension (SE) instead of relying on Continuing Support assistance?
If your business requires the same comprehensive full-defect coverage (including Security related fixes) it relied on before the EOS date, you will want to purchase a SE, if available. A SE is recommended for maximum coverage for your mission critical installations.

6. What if I have already purchased a Service Extension (SE) for my software licenses?
If a customer is under an existing SE agreement, then Continuing Support is included for as long as that customer is under active S&S.

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