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DB2 v11.5 Bind File and Package Name List

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What are the names of the packages that correspond to the bind files at each Db2 v11.5 Fix Pack level?


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When receiving an error message, please use the charts below to find out what bind file is required to create the package name found in the error message.

Example error message:
SQL0805N Package "<package-name>" was not found.

Db2 packages are by default created under the NULLID collection, so the package name in the error message will typically be prefixed by NULLID (for example, NULLID.SQLC2H21).

The bind files shipped with Db2 are found under the SQLLIB/bnd directory and have the .bnd extension. A typical bind command is as follows:

db2 connect to <database> user <username> using <password>
db2 bind bindfile.bnd blocking all sqlerror continue grant public

Dynamic placeholder packages

The bind file db2clipk.bnd is a special bind file that creates multiple packages used for executing dynamic SQL. For more information on the CLI packages, see Db2 CLI bind files and package names.
Bind File Name Fix Pack Package Name Description
db2clipk.bnd ALL SYSSHxyy dynamic placeholders - small package WITH HOLD
SYSSNxyy dynamic placeholders - small Package NOT WITH HOLD
SYSLHxyy dynamic placeholders - large package WITH HOLD
SYSLNxyy dynamic placeholders - large package NOT WITH HOLD

  • 'S' represents a small package and 'L' represents a large package.
  • 'H' represents WITH HOLD, and 'N' represents NOT WITH HOLD.
  • 'v' represents the Db2 server version: for example, E=Version 8, F=Version 9
  • 'x' is the isolation level: 0=NC, 1=UR, 2=CS, 3=RS, 4=RR.
  • 'yy' is the package iteration 00 through FF.
  • 'zz' is unique for each platform.
Bind File Name Fix Pack Package Name
aggdisc.bnd 0 AGGDISC
mod1_fp1 AGGDISC
mod2_fp0 AGGDISC
mod3_fp0 AGGDISC
mod4_fp0 AGGDISC
mod5_fp0 AGGDISC
mod5_fp1 AGGDISC
mod6_fp0 AGGDISC
mod7_fp0 AGGDISC
altobj_sp.bnd 0 ALTSPO07
mod1_fp1 ALTSPP07
mod2_fp0 ALTSPP07
mod3_fp0 ALTSPP07
mod4_fp0 ALTSPP07
mod5_fp0 ALTSPP08
mod5_fp1 ALTSPP08
mod6_fp0 ALTSPP08
mod7_fp0 ALTSPP08
altobj_util.bnd 0 ALTBJO05
mod1_fp1 ALTBJP05
mod2_fp0 ALTBJP05
mod3_fp0 ALTBJP05
mod4_fp0 ALTBJP05
mod5_fp0 ALTBJP06
mod5_fp1 ALTBJP06
mod6_fp0 ALTBJP06
mod7_fp0 ALTBJP06
asnaapp.bnd 0 ASNAAD00
mod1_fp1 ASNAAD00
mod2_fp0 ASNAAD00
mod3_fp0 ASNAAD00
mod4_fp0 ASNAAD40
mod5_fp0 ASNAAD50
mod5_fp1 ASNAAD50
mod6_fp0 ASNAAPP
mod7_fp0 ASNAAPP
asnacmp.bnd 0 ASNACD00
mod1_fp1 ASNACD00
mod2_fp0 ASNACD00
mod3_fp0 ASNACD00
mod4_fp0 ASNACD40
mod5_fp0 ASNACD50
mod5_fp1 ASNACD50
mod6_fp0 ASNACMP
mod7_fp0 ASNACMP
asnadmin.bnd 0 ASNCAD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCAD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCAD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCAD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCAD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCAD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCAD50
mod6_fp0 ASNADMIN
mod7_fp0 ASNADMIN
asnadmsp.bnd 0 ASNDGD00
mod1_fp1 ASNDGD00
mod2_fp0 ASNDGD00
mod3_fp0 ASNDGD00
mod4_fp0 ASNDGD40
mod5_fp0 ASNDGD50
mod5_fp1 ASNDGD50
mod6_fp0 ASNADMSP
mod7_fp0 ASNADMSP
asnafet.bnd 0 ASNAFD00
mod1_fp1 ASNAFD00
mod2_fp0 ASNAFD00
mod3_fp0 ASNAFD00
mod4_fp0 ASNAFD40
mod5_fp0 ASNAFD50
mod5_fp1 ASNAFD50
mod6_fp0 ASNAFET
mod7_fp0 ASNAFET
asnaiso.bnd 0 ASNAID00
mod1_fp1 ASNAID00
mod2_fp0 ASNAID00
mod3_fp0 ASNAID00
mod4_fp0 ASNAID40
mod5_fp0 ASNAID50
mod5_fp1 ASNAID50
mod6_fp0 ASNAISO
mod7_fp0 ASNAISO
asnaman.bnd 0 ASNAMD00
mod1_fp1 ASNAMD00
mod2_fp0 ASNAMD00
mod3_fp0 ASNAMD00
mod4_fp0 ASNAMD40
mod5_fp0 ASNAMD50
mod5_fp1 ASNAMD50
mod6_fp0 ASNAMAN
mod7_fp0 ASNAMAN
asnanalyze.bnd 0 ASNEAD00
mod1_fp1 ASNEAD00
mod2_fp0 ASNEAD00
mod3_fp0 ASNEAD00
mod4_fp0 ASNEAD40
mod5_fp0 ASNEAD50
mod5_fp1 ASNEAD50
mod6_fp0 ASNANALY
mod7_fp0 ASNANALY
asnappwk.bnd 0 ASNAKD00
mod1_fp1 ASNAKD00
mod2_fp0 ASNAKD00
mod3_fp0 ASNAKD00
mod4_fp0 ASNAKD40
mod5_fp0 ASNAKD50
mod5_fp1 ASNAKD50
mod6_fp0 ASNAPPWK
mod7_fp0 ASNAPPWK
asnaprs.bnd 0 ASNAPD00
mod1_fp1 ASNAPD00
mod2_fp0 ASNAPD00
mod3_fp0 ASNAPD00
mod4_fp0 ASNAPD40
mod5_fp0 ASNAPD50
mod5_fp1 ASNAPD50
mod6_fp0 ASNAPRS
mod7_fp0 ASNAPRS
asnawpn.bnd 0 ASNAWD00
mod1_fp1 ASNAWD00
mod2_fp0 ASNAWD00
mod3_fp0 ASNAWD00
mod4_fp0 ASNAWD40
mod5_fp0 ASNAWD50
mod5_fp1 ASNAWD50
mod6_fp0 ASNAWPN
mod7_fp0 ASNAWPN
asnccpwk.bnd 0 ASNCWD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCWD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCWD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCWD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCWD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCWD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCWD50
mod6_fp0 ASNCCPWK
mod7_fp0 ASNCCPWK
asncdins.bnd 0 ASNCCD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCCD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCCD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCCD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCCD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCCD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCCD50
mod6_fp0 ASNCDINS
mod7_fp0 ASNCDINS
asncmon.bnd 0 ASNCMD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCMD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCMD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCMD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCMD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCMD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCMD50
mod6_fp0 ASNCMON
mod7_fp0 ASNCMON
asndb2cn.bnd 0 ASN2CD00
mod1_fp1 ASN2CD00
mod2_fp0 ASN2CD00
mod3_fp0 ASN2CD00
mod4_fp0 ASN2CD40
mod5_fp0 ASN2CD50
mod5_fp1 ASN2CD50
mod6_fp0 ASNDB2CN
mod7_fp0 ASNDB2CN
asndb2sh.bnd 0 ASN2HD00
mod1_fp1 ASN2HD00
mod2_fp0 ASN2HD00
mod3_fp0 ASN2HD00
mod4_fp0 ASN2HD40
mod5_fp0 ASN2HD50
mod5_fp1 ASN2HD50
mod6_fp0 ASNDB2SH
mod7_fp0 ASNDB2SH
asndb2sq.bnd 0 ASN2QD00
mod1_fp1 ASN2QD00
mod2_fp0 ASN2QD00
mod3_fp0 ASN2QD00
mod4_fp0 ASN2QD40
mod5_fp0 ASN2QD50
mod5_fp1 ASN2QD50
mod6_fp0 ASNDB2SQ
mod7_fp0 ASNDB2SQ
asndbcon.bnd 0 ASNDBD00
mod1_fp1 ASNDBD00
mod2_fp0 ASNDBD00
mod3_fp0 ASNDBD00
mod4_fp0 ASNDBD40
mod5_fp0 ASNDBD50
mod5_fp1 ASNDBD50
mod6_fp0 ASNDBCON
mod7_fp0 ASNDBCON
mod1_fp1 ASNADD00
mod2_fp0 ASNADD00
mod3_fp0 ASNADD00
mod4_fp0 ASNADD40
mod5_fp0 ASNADD50
mod5_fp1 ASNADD50
mod6_fp0 ASNDONE
mod7_fp0 ASNDONE
mod1_fp1 ASNALD00
mod2_fp0 ASNALD00
mod3_fp0 ASNALD00
mod4_fp0 ASNALD40
mod5_fp0 ASNALD50
mod5_fp1 ASNALD50
mod6_fp0 ASNLOAD
mod7_fp0 ASNLOAD
asnluwcon.bnd 0 ASN2WD00
mod1_fp1 ASN2WD00
mod2_fp0 ASN2WD00
mod3_fp0 ASN2WD00
mod4_fp0 ASN2WD40
mod5_fp0 ASN2WD50
mod5_fp1 ASN2WD50
mod6_fp0 ASNLUWCO
mod7_fp0 ASNLUWCO
asnmdata.bnd 0 ASNBDD00
mod1_fp1 ASNBDD00
mod2_fp0 ASNBDD00
mod3_fp0 ASNBDD00
mod4_fp0 ASNBDD40
mod5_fp0 ASNBDD50
mod5_fp1 ASNBDD50
mod6_fp0 ASNMDATA
mod7_fp0 ASNMDATA
asnmig4c.bnd 0 ASNE4D00
mod1_fp1 ASNE4D00
mod2_fp0 ASNE4D00
mod3_fp0 ASNE4D00
mod4_fp0 ASNE4D40
mod5_fp0 ASNE4D50
mod5_fp1 ASNE4D50
mod6_fp0 ASNMIG4C
mod7_fp0 ASNMIG4C
asnmig8.bnd 0 ASNE8D00
mod1_fp1 ASNE8D00
mod2_fp0 ASNE8D00
mod3_fp0 ASNE8D00
mod4_fp0 ASNE8D40
mod5_fp0 ASNE8D50
mod5_fp1 ASNE8D50
mod6_fp0 ASNMIG8
mod7_fp0 ASNMIG8
asnmonit.bnd 0 ASNBOD00
mod1_fp1 ASNBOD00
mod2_fp0 ASNBOD00
mod3_fp0 ASNBOD00
mod4_fp0 ASNBOD40
mod5_fp0 ASNBOD50
mod5_fp1 ASNBOD50
mod6_fp0 ASNMONIT
mod7_fp0 ASNMONIT
asnmproc.bnd 0 ASNBPD00
mod1_fp1 ASNBPD00
mod2_fp0 ASNBPD00
mod3_fp0 ASNBPD00
mod4_fp0 ASNBPD40
mod5_fp0 ASNBPD50
mod5_fp1 ASNBPD50
mod6_fp0 ASNMPROC
mod7_fp0 ASNMPROC
asnmupdt.bnd 0 ASNBUD00
mod1_fp1 ASNBUD00
mod2_fp0 ASNBUD00
mod3_fp0 ASNBUD00
mod4_fp0 ASNBUD40
mod5_fp0 ASNBUD50
mod5_fp1 ASNBUD50
mod6_fp0 ASNMUPDT
mod7_fp0 ASNMUPDT
asnprune.bnd 0 ASNCPD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCPD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCPD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCPD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCPD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCPD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCPD50
mod6_fp0 ASNPRUNE
mod7_fp0 ASNPRUNE
asnqadmt.bnd 0 ASNGAD00
mod1_fp1 ASNGAD00
mod2_fp0 ASNGAD00
mod3_fp0 ASNGAD00
mod4_fp0 ASNGAD40
mod5_fp0 ASNGAD50
mod5_fp1 ASNGAD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQADMT
mod7_fp0 ASNQADMT
asnqahkt.bnd 0 ASNFHD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFHD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFHD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFHD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFHD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFHD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFHD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQAHKT
mod7_fp0 ASNQAHKT
asnqapag.bnd 0 ASNFPD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFPD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFPD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFPD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFPD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFPD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFPD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQAPAG
mod7_fp0 ASNQAPAG
asnqapp.bnd 0 ASNFAD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFAD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFAD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFAD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFAD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFAD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFAD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQAPP
mod7_fp0 ASNQAPP
asnqarow.bnd 0 ASNFRD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFRD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFRD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFRD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFRD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFRD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFRD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQAROW
mod7_fp0 ASNQAROW
asnqasub.bnd 0 ASNFSD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFSD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFSD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFSD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFSD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFSD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFSD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQASUB
mod7_fp0 ASNQASUB
asnqbrwz.bnd 0 ASNFWD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFWD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFWD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFWD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFWD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFWD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFWD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQBRWZ
mod7_fp0 ASNQBRWZ
asnqcap.bnd 0 ASNGCD00
mod1_fp1 ASNGCD00
mod2_fp0 ASNGCD00
mod3_fp0 ASNGCD00
mod4_fp0 ASNGCD40
mod5_fp0 ASNGCD50
mod5_fp1 ASNGCD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQCAP
mod7_fp0 ASNQCAP
asnqload.bnd 0 ASNFLD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFLD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFLD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFLD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFLD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFLD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFLD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQLOAD
mod7_fp0 ASNQLOAD
asnqmon.bnd 0 ASNBQD00
mod1_fp1 ASNBQD00
mod2_fp0 ASNBQD00
mod3_fp0 ASNBQD00
mod4_fp0 ASNBQD40
mod5_fp0 ASNBQD50
mod5_fp1 ASNBQD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQMON
mod7_fp0 ASNQMON
asnqmsub.bnd 0 ASNGMD00
mod1_fp1 ASNGMD00
mod2_fp0 ASNGMD00
mod3_fp0 ASNGMD00
mod4_fp0 ASNGMD40
mod5_fp0 ASNGMD50
mod5_fp1 ASNGMD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQMSUB
mod7_fp0 ASNQMSUB
asnqp2pa.bnd 0 ASNF2D00
mod1_fp1 ASNF2D00
mod2_fp0 ASNF2D00
mod3_fp0 ASNF2D00
mod4_fp0 ASNF2D40
mod5_fp0 ASNF2D50
mod5_fp1 ASNF2D50
mod6_fp0 ASNQP2PA
mod7_fp0 ASNQP2PA
asnqp2pi.bnd 0 ASNFID00
mod1_fp1 ASNFID00
mod2_fp0 ASNFID00
mod3_fp0 ASNFID00
mod4_fp0 ASNFID40
mod5_fp0 ASNFID50
mod5_fp1 ASNFID50
mod6_fp0 ASNQP2PI
mod7_fp0 ASNQP2PI
asnqspil.bnd 0 ASNFJD00
mod1_fp1 ASNFJD00
mod2_fp0 ASNFJD00
mod3_fp0 ASNFJD00
mod4_fp0 ASNFJD40
mod5_fp0 ASNFJD50
mod5_fp1 ASNFJD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQSPIL
mod7_fp0 ASNQSPIL
asnqsub.bnd 0 ASNGUD00
mod1_fp1 ASNGUD00
mod2_fp0 ASNGUD00
mod3_fp0 ASNGUD00
mod4_fp0 ASNGUD40
mod5_fp0 ASNGUD50
mod5_fp1 ASNGUD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQSUB
mod7_fp0 ASNQSUB
asnqsubm.bnd 0 ASNGSD00
mod1_fp1 ASNGSD00
mod2_fp0 ASNGSD00
mod3_fp0 ASNGSD00
mod4_fp0 ASNGSD40
mod5_fp0 ASNGSD50
mod5_fp1 ASNGSD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQSUBM
mod7_fp0 ASNQSUBM
asnqwk.bnd 0 ASNGWD00
mod1_fp1 ASNGWD00
mod2_fp0 ASNGWD00
mod3_fp0 ASNGWD00
mod4_fp0 ASNGWD40
mod5_fp0 ASNGWD50
mod5_fp1 ASNGWD50
mod6_fp0 ASNQWK
mod7_fp0 ASNQWK
asnreg.bnd 0 ASNCRD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCRD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCRD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCRD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCRD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCRD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCRD50
mod6_fp0 ASNREG
mod7_fp0 ASNREG
asnsqlcd.bnd 0 ASNDDD00
mod1_fp1 ASNDDD00
mod2_fp0 ASNDDD00
mod3_fp0 ASNDDD00
mod4_fp0 ASNDDD40
mod5_fp0 ASNDDD50
mod5_fp1 ASNDDD50
mod6_fp0 ASNSQLCD
mod7_fp0 ASNSQLCD
asnsqlcf.bnd 0 ASNDFD00
mod1_fp1 ASNDFD00
mod2_fp0 ASNDFD00
mod3_fp0 ASNDFD00
mod4_fp0 ASNDFD40
mod5_fp0 ASNDFD50
mod5_fp1 ASNDFD50
mod6_fp0 ASNSQLCF
mod7_fp0 ASNSQLCF
asntdapi.bnd 0 ASNEDD00
mod1_fp1 ASNEDD00
mod2_fp0 ASNEDD00
mod3_fp0 ASNEDD00
mod4_fp0 ASNEDD40
mod5_fp0 ASNEDD50
mod5_fp1 ASNEDD50
mod6_fp0 ASNTDAPI
mod7_fp0 ASNTDAPI
asntdiff.bnd 0 ASNEFD00
mod1_fp1 ASNEFD00
mod2_fp0 ASNEFD00
mod3_fp0 ASNEFD00
mod4_fp0 ASNEFD40
mod5_fp0 ASNEFD50
mod5_fp1 ASNEFD50
mod6_fp0 ASNTDIFF
mod7_fp0 ASNTDIFF
asntdsql.bnd 0 ASNTDSQL
mod1_fp1 ASNTDSQL
mod2_fp0 ASNTDSQL
mod3_fp0 ASNTDSQL
mod4_fp0 ASNEQD40
mod5_fp0 ASNEQD50
mod5_fp1 ASNEQD50
mod6_fp0 ASNTDSQL
mod7_fp0 ASNTDSQL
asnuow.bnd 0 ASNCUD00
mod1_fp1 ASNCUD00
mod2_fp0 ASNCUD00
mod3_fp0 ASNCUD00
mod4_fp0 ASNCUD40
mod5_fp0 ASNCUD50
mod5_fp1 ASNCUD50
mod6_fp0 ASNUOW
mod7_fp0 ASNUOW
bhunt.bnd 0 BHUNT
mod1_fp1 BHUNT
mod2_fp0 BHUNT
mod3_fp0 BHUNT
mod4_fp0 BHUNT
mod5_fp0 BHUNT
mod5_fp1 BHUNT
mod6_fp0 BHUNT
mod7_fp0 BHUNT
cAdmCancelWork.bnd 0 CADMCANC
mod1_fp1 CADMCANC
mod2_fp0 CADMCANC
mod3_fp0 CADMCANC
mod4_fp0 CADMCANC
mod5_fp0 CADMCANC
mod5_fp1 CADMCANC
mod6_fp0 CADMCANC
mod7_fp0 CADMCANC
cAdmGetConfig.bnd 0 CADMGETC
mod1_fp1 CADMGETC
mod2_fp0 CADMGETC
mod3_fp0 CADMGETC
mod4_fp0 CADMGETC
mod5_fp0 CADMGETC
mod5_fp1 CADMGETC
mod6_fp0 CADMGETC
mod7_fp0 CADMGETC
cAdmGetMessage.bnd 0 CADMGETM
mod1_fp1 CADMGETM
mod2_fp0 CADMGETM
mod3_fp0 CADMGETM
mod4_fp0 CADMGETM
mod5_fp0 CADMGETM
mod5_fp1 CADMGETM
mod6_fp0 CADMGETM
mod7_fp0 CADMGETM
cAdmGetPlanHint.bnd 0 CADMGETP
mod1_fp1 CADMGETP
mod2_fp0 CADMGETP
mod3_fp0 CADMGETP
mod4_fp0 CADMGETP
mod5_fp0 CADMGETP
mod5_fp1 CADMGETP
mod6_fp0 CADMGETP
mod7_fp0 CADMGETP
cAdmGetSystemInfo.bnd 0 CADMPO00
mod1_fp1 CADMPP00
mod2_fp0 CADMPP00
mod3_fp0 CADMPP00
mod4_fp0 CADMPP00
mod5_fp0 CADMPP01
mod5_fp1 CADMPP01
mod6_fp0 CADMPP01
mod7_fp0 CADMPP01
cAdmSetConfig.bnd 0 CADMSETC
mod1_fp1 CADMSETC
mod2_fp0 CADMSETC
mod3_fp0 CADMSETC
mod4_fp0 CADMSETC
mod5_fp0 CADMSETC
mod5_fp1 CADMSETC
mod6_fp0 CADMSETC
mod7_fp0 CADMSETC
cAdmSetPlanHint.bnd 0 CADMSETP
mod1_fp1 CADMSETP
mod2_fp0 CADMSETP
mod3_fp0 CADMSETP
mod4_fp0 CADMSETP
mod5_fp0 CADMSETP
mod5_fp1 CADMSETP
mod6_fp0 CADMSETP
mod7_fp0 CADMSETP
db2admcs.bnd 0 SQLC7O06
mod1_fp1 SQLC7P06
mod2_fp0 SQLC7P06
mod3_fp0 SQLC7P06
mod4_fp0 SQLC7P06
mod5_fp0 SQLC7P07
mod5_fp1 SQLC7P07
mod6_fp0 SQLC7P07
mod7_fp0 SQLC7P07
db2admDbUtil.bnd 0 SQLC8O07
mod1_fp1 SQLC8P07
mod2_fp0 SQLC8P07
mod3_fp0 SQLC8P07
mod4_fp0 SQLC8P07
mod5_fp0 SQLC8P08
mod5_fp1 SQLC8P08
mod6_fp0 SQLC8P08
mod7_fp0 SQLC8P08
db2_adminotm.bnd 0 AOTMO06
mod1_fp1 AOTMP06
mod2_fp0 AOTMP06
mod3_fp0 AOTMP06
mod4_fp0 AOTMP06
mod5_fp0 AOTMP07
mod5_fp1 AOTMP07
mod6_fp0 AOTMP07
mod7_fp0 AOTMP07
db2advcatalog.bnd 0 DB2ADVCA
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVCA
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVCA
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVCA
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVCA
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVCA
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVCA
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVCA
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVCA
db2advindex.bnd 0 DB2ADVIN
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVIN
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVIN
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVIN
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVIN
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVIN
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVIN
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVIN
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVIN
db2advio.bnd 0 DB2ADVIO
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVIO
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVIO
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVIO
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVIO
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVIO
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVIO
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVIO
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVIO
db2advis.bnd 0 DB2ADVIS
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVIS
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVIS
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVIS
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVIS
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVIS
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVIS
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVIS
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVIS
db2advisSP.bnd 0 SQLAIO05
mod1_fp1 SQLAIP05
mod2_fp0 SQLAIP05
mod3_fp0 SQLAIP05
mod4_fp0 SQLAIP05
mod5_fp0 SQLAIP06
mod5_fp1 SQLAIP06
mod6_fp0 SQLAIP06
mod7_fp0 SQLAIP06
db2advmdc.bnd 0 DB2ADVMD
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVMD
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVMD
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVMD
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVMD
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVMD
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVMD
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVMD
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVMD
db2advmisc.bnd 0 DB2ADVMI
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVMI
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVMI
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVMI
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVMI
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVMI
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVMI
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVMI
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVMI
db2advmqt.bnd 0 DB2ADVMQ
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVMQ
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVMQ
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVMQ
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVMQ
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVMQ
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVMQ
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVMQ
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVMQ
db2advsimulation.bnd 0 DB2ADVSI
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVSI
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVSI
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVSI
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVSI
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVSI
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVSI
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVSI
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVSI
db2advworkload.bnd 0 DB2ADVWO
mod1_fp1 DB2ADVWO
mod2_fp0 DB2ADVWO
mod3_fp0 DB2ADVWO
mod4_fp0 DB2ADVWO
mod5_fp0 DB2ADVWO
mod5_fp1 DB2ADVWO
mod6_fp0 DB2ADVWO
mod7_fp0 DB2ADVWO
db2ajgrt.bnd 0 SQLABO02
mod1_fp1 SQLABP02
mod2_fp0 SQLABP02
mod3_fp0 SQLABP02
mod4_fp0 SQLABP02
mod5_fp0 SQLABP03
mod5_fp1 SQLABP03
mod6_fp0 SQLABP03
mod7_fp0 SQLABP03
db2am.bnd 0 DB2AMO00
mod1_fp1 DB2AMP00
mod2_fp0 DB2AMP00
mod3_fp0 DB2AMP00
mod4_fp0 DB2AMP00
mod5_fp0 DB2AMP01
mod5_fp1 DB2AMP01
mod6_fp0 DB2AMP01
mod7_fp0 DB2AMP01
db2_aram.bnd 0 DB2_ARAM
mod1_fp1 DB2_ARAM
mod2_fp0 DB2_ARAM
mod3_fp0 DB2_ARAM
mod4_fp0 DB2_ARAM
mod5_fp0 DB2_ARAM
mod5_fp1 DB2_ARAM
mod6_fp0 DB2_ARAM
mod7_fp0 DB2_ARAM
db2arxcs.bnd 0 SQLA1O00
mod1_fp1 SQLA1P00
mod2_fp0 SQLA1P00
mod3_fp0 SQLA1P00
mod4_fp0 SQLA1P00
mod5_fp0 SQLA1P01
mod5_fp1 SQLA1P01
mod6_fp0 SQLA1P01
mod7_fp0 SQLA1P01
db2arxnc.bnd 0 SQLA5O00
mod1_fp1 SQLA5P00
mod2_fp0 SQLA5P00
mod3_fp0 SQLA5P00
mod4_fp0 SQLA5P00
mod5_fp0 SQLA5P01
mod5_fp1 SQLA5P01
mod6_fp0 SQLA5P01
mod7_fp0 SQLA5P01
db2arxrr.bnd 0 SQLA2O00
mod1_fp1 SQLA2P00
mod2_fp0 SQLA2P00
mod3_fp0 SQLA2P00
mod4_fp0 SQLA2P00
mod5_fp0 SQLA2P01
mod5_fp1 SQLA2P01
mod6_fp0 SQLA2P01
mod7_fp0 SQLA2P01
db2arxrs.bnd 0 SQLA4O00
mod1_fp1 SQLA4P00
mod2_fp0 SQLA4P00
mod3_fp0 SQLA4P00
mod4_fp0 SQLA4P00
mod5_fp0 SQLA4P01
mod5_fp1 SQLA4P01
mod6_fp0 SQLA4P01
mod7_fp0 SQLA4P01
db2arxur.bnd 0 SQLA3O00
mod1_fp1 SQLA3P00
mod2_fp0 SQLA3P00
mod3_fp0 SQLA3P00
mod4_fp0 SQLA3P00
mod5_fp0 SQLA3P01
mod5_fp1 SQLA3P01
mod6_fp0 SQLA3P01
mod7_fp0 SQLA3P01
db2ats_sps.bnd 0 ATSO05
mod1_fp1 ATSP05
mod2_fp0 ATSP05
mod3_fp0 ATSP06
mod4_fp0 ATSP06
mod5_fp0 ATSP0A
mod5_fp1 ATSP0A
mod6_fp0 ATSP0A
mod7_fp0 ATSP0A
db2cat.bnd 0 DB2CAT
mod1_fp1 DB2CAT
mod2_fp0 DB2CAT
mod3_fp0 DB2CAT
mod4_fp0 DB2CAT
mod5_fp0 DB2CAT
mod5_fp1 DB2CAT
mod6_fp0 DB2CAT
mod7_fp0 DB2CAT
db2ckbpf.bnd 0 DB2CKBPF
mod1_fp1 DB2CKBPF
mod2_fp0 DB2CKBPF
mod3_fp0 DB2CKBPF
mod4_fp0 DB2CKBPF
mod5_fp0 DB2CKBPF
mod5_fp1 DB2CKBPF
mod6_fp0 DB2CKBPF
mod7_fp0 DB2CKBPF
db2cli.bnd 0 DB2CLI
mod1_fp1 DB2CLI
mod2_fp0 DB2CLI
mod3_fp0 DB2CLI
mod4_fp0 DB2CLI
mod5_fp0 DB2CLI
mod5_fp1 DB2CLI
mod6_fp0 DB2CLI
mod7_fp0 DB2CLI
db2clist.bnd 0 SYSSTAT
mod1_fp1 SYSSTAT
mod2_fp0 SYSSTAT
mod3_fp0 SYSSTAT
mod4_fp0 SYSSTAT
mod5_fp0 SYSSTAT
mod5_fp1 SYSSTAT
mod6_fp0 SYSSTAT
mod7_fp0 SYSSTAT
db2clpcs.bnd 0 SQLC2O29
mod1_fp1 SQLC2P29
mod2_fp0 SQLC2P29
mod3_fp0 SQLC2P29
mod4_fp0 SQLC2P30
mod5_fp0 SQLC2P31
mod5_fp1 SQLC2P31
mod6_fp0 SQLC2P31
mod7_fp0 SQLC2P31
db2clpnc.bnd 0 SQLC6O28
mod1_fp1 SQLC6P28
mod2_fp0 SQLC6P28
mod3_fp0 SQLC6P28
mod4_fp0 SQLC6P29
mod5_fp0 SQLC6P2A
mod5_fp1 SQLC6P2A
mod6_fp0 SQLC6P2A
mod7_fp0 SQLC6P2A
db2clprr.bnd 0 SQLC3O28
mod1_fp1 SQLC3P28
mod2_fp0 SQLC3P28
mod3_fp0 SQLC3P28
mod4_fp0 SQLC3P29
mod5_fp0 SQLC3P2A
mod5_fp1 SQLC3P2A
mod6_fp0 SQLC3P2A
mod7_fp0 SQLC3P2A
db2clprs.bnd 0 SQLC5O28
mod1_fp1 SQLC5P28
mod2_fp0 SQLC5P28
mod3_fp0 SQLC5P28
mod4_fp0 SQLC5P29
mod5_fp0 SQLC5P2A
mod5_fp1 SQLC5P2A
mod6_fp0 SQLC5P2A
mod7_fp0 SQLC5P2A
db2clpur.bnd 0 SQLC4O28
mod1_fp1 SQLC4P28
mod2_fp0 SQLC4P28
mod3_fp0 SQLC4P28
mod4_fp0 SQLC4P29
mod5_fp0 SQLC4P2A
mod5_fp1 SQLC4P2A
mod6_fp0 SQLC4P2A
mod7_fp0 SQLC4P2A
db2common.bnd 0 DB2COMMO
mod1_fp1 DB2COMMO
mod2_fp0 DB2COMMO
mod3_fp0 DB2COMMO
mod4_fp0 DB2COMMO
mod5_fp0 DB2COMMO
mod5_fp1 DB2COMMO
mod6_fp0 DB2COP01
mod7_fp0 DB2COP01
db2dclgn.bnd 0 DB2DCLGN
mod1_fp1 DB2DCLGN
mod2_fp0 DB2DCLGN
mod3_fp0 DB2DCLGN
mod4_fp0 DB2DCLGN
mod5_fp0 DB2DCLGN
mod5_fp1 DB2DCLGN
mod6_fp0 DB2DCLGN
mod7_fp0 DB2DCLGN
db2dropv.bnd 0 SQLE3O02
mod1_fp1 SQLE3P02
mod2_fp0 SQLE3P02
mod3_fp0 SQLE3P02
mod4_fp0 SQLE3P02
mod5_fp0 SQLE3P03
mod5_fp1 SQLE3P03
mod6_fp0 SQLE3P03
mod7_fp0 SQLE3P03
db2dsproc.bnd 0 DSPRCO04
mod1_fp1 DSPRCP05
mod2_fp0 DSPRCP05
mod3_fp0 DSPRCP06
mod4_fp0 DSPRCP06
mod5_fp0 DSPRCP06
mod5_fp1 DSPRCP06
mod6_fp0 DSPRCP06
mod7_fp0 DSPRCP06
db2evmon.bnd 0 SQLM1O03
mod1_fp1 SQLM1P03
mod2_fp0 SQLM1P03
mod3_fp0 SQLM1P03
mod4_fp0 SQLM1P03
mod5_fp0 SQLM1P04
mod5_fp1 SQLM1P04
mod6_fp0 SQLM1P04
mod7_fp0 SQLM1P04
db2exdyn.bnd 0 SQLNCO09
mod1_fp1 SQLNCP09
mod2_fp0 SQLNCP09
mod3_fp0 SQLNCP09
mod4_fp0 SQLNCP09
mod5_fp0 SQLNCP0A
mod5_fp1 SQLNCP0A
mod6_fp0 SQLNCP0A
mod7_fp0 SQLNCP0A
db2exfmt.bnd 0 SQLADO2C
mod1_fp1 SQLADP2C
mod2_fp0 SQLADP2C
mod3_fp0 SQLADP2C
mod4_fp0 SQLADP2C
mod5_fp0 SQLADP2F
mod5_fp1 SQLADP2F
mod6_fp0 SQLADP2I
mod7_fp0 SQLADP2I
db2exmig.bnd 0 SQLAFO0C
mod1_fp1 SQLAFP0C
mod2_fp0 SQLAFP0C
mod3_fp0 SQLAFP0C
mod4_fp0 SQLAFP0C
mod5_fp0 SQLAFP0F
mod5_fp1 SQLAFP0F
mod6_fp0 SQLAFP0F
mod7_fp0 SQLAFP0F
db2ExplainRtns.bnd 0 SQLAGO2H
mod1_fp1 SQLAGP2H
mod2_fp0 SQLAGP2H
mod3_fp0 SQLAGP2H
mod4_fp0 SQLAGP2H
mod5_fp0 SQLAGP2L
mod5_fp1 SQLAGP2L
mod6_fp0 SQLAGP2N
mod7_fp0 SQLAGP2N
db2expln.bnd 0 SQLNAO04
mod1_fp1 SQLNAP04
mod2_fp0 SQLNAP04
mod3_fp0 SQLNAP04
mod4_fp0 SQLNAP04
mod5_fp0 SQLNAP06
mod5_fp1 SQLNAP06
mod6_fp0 SQLNAP06
mod7_fp0 SQLNAP06
db2exsrv.bnd 0 SQLNBO0N
mod1_fp1 SQLNBP0N
mod2_fp0 SQLNBP0N
mod3_fp0 SQLNBP0N
mod4_fp0 SQLNBP0N
mod5_fp0 SQLNBP0O
mod5_fp1 SQLNBP0O
mod6_fp0 SQLNBP0P
mod7_fp0 SQLNBP0P
db2fakets.bnd 0 DB2FAKET
mod1_fp1 DB2FAKET
mod2_fp0 DB2FAKET
mod3_fp0 DB2FAKET
mod4_fp0 DB2FAKET
mod5_fp0 DB2FAKET
mod5_fp1 DB2FAKET
mod6_fp0 DB2FAKET
mod7_fp0 DB2FAKET
db2gncol.bnd 0 DB2GNCOL
mod1_fp1 DB2GNCOL
mod2_fp0 DB2GNCOL
mod3_fp0 DB2GNCOL
mod4_fp0 DB2GNCOL
mod5_fp0 DB2GNCOL
mod5_fp1 DB2GNCOL
mod6_fp0 DB2GNCOL
mod7_fp0 DB2GNCOL
db2gpmap.bnd 0 DB2GPMAP
mod1_fp1 DB2GPMAP
mod2_fp0 DB2GPMAP
mod3_fp0 DB2GPMAP
mod4_fp0 DB2GPMAP
mod5_fp0 DB2GPMAP
mod5_fp1 DB2GPMAP
mod6_fp0 DB2GPMAP
mod7_fp0 DB2GPMAP
db2lk390.bnd 0 DB2L1O03
mod1_fp1 DB2L1P03
mod2_fp0 DB2L1P03
mod3_fp0 DB2L1P03
mod4_fp0 DB2L1P03
mod5_fp0 DB2L1P04
mod5_fp1 DB2L1P04
mod6_fp0 DB2L1P04
mod7_fp0 DB2L1P04
db2lkfun.bnd 0 DB2L2O1Z
mod1_fp1 DB2L2P1Z
mod2_fp0 DB2L2P21
mod3_fp0 DB2L2P22
mod4_fp0 DB2L2P23
mod5_fp0 DB2L2P29
mod5_fp1 DB2L2P29
mod6_fp0 DB2L2P32
mod7_fp0 DB2L2P32
db2lkmig.bnd 0 SQLE6O00
mod1_fp1 SQLE6P00
mod2_fp0 SQLE6P00
mod3_fp0 SQLE6P00
mod4_fp0 SQLE6P00
mod5_fp0 SQLE6P01
mod5_fp1 SQLE6P01
mod6_fp0 SQLE6P01
mod7_fp0 SQLE6P01
db2lksp.bnd 0 DB2LKSP
mod1_fp1 DB2LKSP
mod2_fp0 DB2LKSP
mod3_fp0 DB2LKSP
mod4_fp0 DB2LKSP
mod5_fp0 DB2LKSP
mod5_fp1 DB2LKSP
mod6_fp0 DB2LKSP
mod7_fp0 DB2LKSP
db2look.bnd 0 DB2L0O08
mod1_fp1 DB2L0P08
mod2_fp0 DB2L0P10
mod3_fp0 DB2L0P10
mod4_fp0 DB2L0P12
mod5_fp0 DB2L0P15
mod5_fp1 DB2L0P15
mod6_fp0 DB2L0P15
mod7_fp0 DB2L0P15
db2move.bnd 0 DB2MVO01
mod1_fp1 DB2MVP01
mod2_fp0 DB2MVP01
mod3_fp0 DB2MVP01
mod4_fp0 DB2MVP01
mod5_fp0 DB2MVP02
mod5_fp1 DB2MVP02
mod6_fp0 DB2MVP02
mod7_fp0 DB2MVP02
db2pctsp.bnd 0 SQLP1O02
mod1_fp1 SQLP1P02
mod2_fp0 SQLP1P02
mod3_fp0 SQLP1P02
mod4_fp0 SQLP1P02
mod5_fp0 SQLP1P03
mod5_fp1 SQLP1P03
mod6_fp0 SQLP1P04
mod7_fp0 SQLP1P04
db2policy.bnd 0 POLYO03
mod1_fp1 POLYP03
mod2_fp0 POLYP03
mod3_fp0 POLYP03
mod4_fp0 POLYP03
mod5_fp0 POLYP04
mod5_fp1 POLYP04
mod6_fp0 POLYP04
mod7_fp0 POLYP04
db2psm.bnd 0 DB2PSM
mod1_fp1 DB2PSM
mod2_fp0 DB2PSM
mod3_fp0 DB2PSM
mod4_fp0 DB2PSM
mod5_fp0 DB2PSM
mod5_fp1 DB2PSM
mod6_fp0 DB2PSM
mod7_fp0 DB2PSM
db2rbind.bnd 0 SQLE1E04
mod1_fp1 SQLE1E04
mod2_fp0 SQLE1E04
mod3_fp0 SQLE1E04
mod4_fp0 SQLE1E04
mod5_fp0 SQLE1E06
mod5_fp1 SQLE1E06
mod6_fp0 SQLE1E06
mod7_fp0 SQLE1E06
db2sampl_SQL.bnd 0 SQLE6O03
mod1_fp1 SQLE6P03
mod2_fp0 SQLE6P03
mod3_fp0 SQLE6P03
mod4_fp0 SQLE6P03
mod5_fp0 SQLE6P04
mod5_fp1 SQLE6P04
mod6_fp0 SQLE6P04
mod7_fp0 SQLE6P04
db2sampl_V8.bnd 0 SQLE7O01
mod1_fp1 SQLE7P01
mod2_fp0 SQLE7P01
mod3_fp0 SQLE7P01
mod4_fp0 SQLE7P01
mod5_fp0 SQLE7P02
mod5_fp1 SQLE7P02
mod6_fp0 SQLE7P02
mod7_fp0 SQLE7P02
db2sampl_XML.bnd 0 SQLE8O04
mod1_fp1 SQLE8P04
mod2_fp0 SQLE8P04
mod3_fp0 SQLE8P04
mod4_fp0 SQLE8P04
mod5_fp0 SQLE8P05
mod5_fp1 SQLE8P05
mod6_fp0 SQLE8P05
mod7_fp0 SQLE8P05
db2satcs.bnd 0 DB2SATCS
mod1_fp1 DB2SATCS
mod2_fp0 DB2SATCS
mod3_fp0 DB2SATCS
mod4_fp0 DB2SATCS
mod5_fp0 DB2SATCS
mod5_fp1 DB2SATCS
mod6_fp0 DB2SATCS
mod7_fp0 DB2SATCS
db2schema.bnd 0 SQLL9O1M
mod1_fp1 SQLL9P1M
mod2_fp0 SQLL9P1M
mod3_fp0 SQLL9P1N
mod4_fp0 SQLL9P1N
mod5_fp0 SQLL9P1O
mod5_fp1 SQLL9P1O
mod6_fp0 SQLL9P1P
mod7_fp0 SQLL9P1P
db2spcat.bnd 0 SQLE2O16
mod1_fp1 SQLE2P16
mod2_fp0 SQLE2P16
mod3_fp0 SQLE2P16
mod4_fp0 SQLE2P16
mod5_fp0 SQLE2P18
mod5_fp1 SQLE2P18
mod6_fp0 SQLE2P18
mod7_fp0 SQLE2P18
db2spcdb.bnd 0 SQLE0O07
mod1_fp1 SQLE0P07
mod2_fp0 SQLE0P07
mod3_fp0 SQLE0P07
mod4_fp0 SQLE0P07
mod5_fp0 SQLE0P08
mod5_fp1 SQLE0P08
mod6_fp0 SQLE0P08
mod7_fp0 SQLE0P08
db2sql92.bnd 0 TOOL3O00
mod1_fp1 TOOL3P00
mod2_fp0 TOOL3P00
mod3_fp0 TOOL3P00
mod4_fp0 TOOL3P00
mod5_fp0 TOOL3P01
mod5_fp1 TOOL3P01
mod6_fp0 TOOL3P01
mod7_fp0 TOOL3P01
db2stats.bnd 0 NNSTAT
mod1_fp1 NNSTAT
mod2_fp0 NNSTAT
mod3_fp0 NNSTAT
mod4_fp0 NNSTAT
mod5_fp0 NNSTAT
mod5_fp1 NNSTAT
mod6_fp0 NNSTAT
mod7_fp0 NNSTAT
db2tstfp.bnd 0 DB2TSTFP
mod1_fp1 DB2TSTFP
mod2_fp0 DB2TSTFP
mod3_fp0 DB2TSTFP
mod4_fp0 DB2TSTFP
mod5_fp0 DB2TSTFP
mod5_fp1 DB2TSTFP
mod6_fp0 DB2TSTFP
mod7_fp0 DB2TSTFP
db2ucktb.bnd 0 SQLUJO0H
mod1_fp1 SQLUJP0H
mod2_fp0 SQLUJP0H
mod3_fp0 SQLUJP0H
mod4_fp0 SQLUJP0H
mod5_fp0 SQLUJP0I
mod5_fp1 SQLUJP0I
mod6_fp0 SQLUJP0J
mod7_fp0 SQLUJP0J
db2ueiwi.bnd 0 SQLUAO20
mod1_fp1 SQLUAP20
mod2_fp0 SQLUAP20
mod3_fp0 SQLUAP20
mod4_fp0 SQLUAP20
mod5_fp0 SQLUAP22
mod5_fp1 SQLUAP22
mod6_fp0 SQLUAP22
mod7_fp0 SQLUAP22
db2uexpm.bnd 0 SQLUBO05
mod1_fp1 SQLUBP05
mod2_fp0 SQLUBP05
mod3_fp0 SQLUBP05
mod4_fp0 SQLUBP05
mod5_fp0 SQLUBP06
mod5_fp1 SQLUBP06
mod6_fp0 SQLUBP06
mod7_fp0 SQLUBP06
db2ugtpi.bnd 0 SQLUHO0B
mod1_fp1 SQLUHP0B
mod2_fp0 SQLUHP0C
mod3_fp0 SQLUHP0C
mod4_fp0 SQLUHP0C
mod5_fp0 SQLUHP0D
mod5_fp1 SQLUHP0D
mod6_fp0 SQLUHP0D
mod7_fp0 SQLUHP0D
db2uiDescribe.bnd 0 SQLUPO00
mod1_fp1 SQLUPP00
mod2_fp0 SQLUPP00
mod3_fp0 SQLUPP00
mod4_fp0 SQLUPP00
mod5_fp0 SQLUPP01
mod5_fp1 SQLUPP01
mod6_fp0 SQLUPP01
mod7_fp0 SQLUPP01
db2uigsi.bnd 0 SQLUCO09
mod1_fp1 SQLUCP09
mod2_fp0 SQLUCP09
mod3_fp0 SQLUCP09
mod4_fp0 SQLUCP09
mod5_fp0 SQLUCP0A
mod5_fp1 SQLUCP0A
mod6_fp0 SQLUCP0A
mod7_fp0 SQLUCP0A
db2uiici.bnd 0 SQLUDO02
mod1_fp1 SQLUDP02
mod2_fp0 SQLUDP02
mod3_fp0 SQLUDP02
mod4_fp0 SQLUDP02
mod5_fp0 SQLUDP03
mod5_fp1 SQLUDP03
mod6_fp0 SQLUDP03
mod7_fp0 SQLUDP03
db2uiict.bnd 0 SQLUEO01
mod1_fp1 SQLUEP01
mod2_fp0 SQLUEP01
mod3_fp0 SQLUEP01
mod4_fp0 SQLUEP01
mod5_fp0 SQLUEP02
mod5_fp1 SQLUEP02
mod6_fp0 SQLUEP02
mod7_fp0 SQLUEP02
db2uImpInsUpdate.bnd 0 SQLUPO03
mod1_fp1 SQLUPP03
mod2_fp0 SQLUPP03
mod3_fp0 SQLUPP03
mod4_fp0 SQLUPP03
mod5_fp0 SQLUPP04
mod5_fp1 SQLUPP04
mod6_fp0 SQLUPP04
mod7_fp0 SQLUPP04
db2uimpm.bnd 0 SQLUFO17
mod1_fp1 SQLUFP17
mod2_fp0 SQLUFP17
mod3_fp0 SQLUFP17
mod4_fp0 SQLUFP17
mod5_fp0 SQLUFP18
mod5_fp1 SQLUFP18
mod6_fp0 SQLUFP18
mod7_fp0 SQLUFP18
db2uimtb.bnd 0 SQLUKO0C
mod1_fp1 SQLUKP0C
mod2_fp0 SQLUKP0C
mod3_fp0 SQLUKP0C
mod4_fp0 SQLUKP0C
mod5_fp0 SQLUKP0D
mod5_fp1 SQLUKP0D
mod6_fp0 SQLUKP0D
mod7_fp0 SQLUKP0D
db2uipkg.bnd 0 SQLUOO01
mod1_fp1 SQLUOP01
mod2_fp0 SQLUOP01
mod3_fp0 SQLUOP01
mod4_fp0 SQLUOP01
mod5_fp0 SQLUOP02
mod5_fp1 SQLUOP02
mod6_fp0 SQLUOP02
mod7_fp0 SQLUOP02
db2uiXmlparse.bnd 0 SQLUZO00
mod1_fp1 SQLUZP00
mod2_fp0 SQLUZP00
mod3_fp0 SQLUZP00
mod4_fp0 SQLUZP00
mod5_fp0 SQLUZP01
mod5_fp1 SQLUZP01
mod6_fp0 SQLUZP01
mod7_fp0 SQLUZP01
db2ulxld.bnd 0 SQLUNO01
mod1_fp1 SQLUNP01
mod2_fp0 SQLUNP01
mod3_fp0 SQLUNP01
mod4_fp0 SQLUNP01
mod5_fp0 SQLUNP02
mod5_fp1 SQLUNP02
mod6_fp0 SQLUNP02
mod7_fp0 SQLUNP02
db2UnitTestCatalogUDF.bnd 0 DB2UNITT
mod1_fp1 DB2UNITT
mod2_fp0 DB2UNITT
mod3_fp0 DB2UNITT
mod4_fp0 DB2UNITT
mod5_fp0 DB2UNITT
mod5_fp1 DB2UNITT
mod6_fp0 DB2UNITT
mod7_fp0 DB2UNITT
db2upbpf.bnd 0 DB2UPBPF
mod1_fp1 DB2UPBPF
mod2_fp0 DB2UPBPF
mod3_fp0 DB2UPBPF
mod4_fp0 DB2UPBPF
mod5_fp0 DB2UPBPF
mod5_fp1 DB2UPBPF
mod6_fp0 DB2UPBPF
mod7_fp0 DB2UPBPF
db2updv115.bnd 0 DB2UPDV1
mod1_fp1 DB2UPDV
mod2_fp0 DB2UPDV
mod3_fp0 DB2UPDV
mod4_fp0 DB2UPDV
mod5_fp0 DB2UPDV
mod5_fp1 DB2UPDV
mod6_fp0 DB2UPDV
mod7_fp0 DB2UPDV
db2uqtnm.bnd 0 SQLULO00
mod1_fp1 SQLULP00
mod2_fp0 SQLULP00
mod3_fp0 SQLULP00
mod4_fp0 SQLULP00
mod5_fp0 SQLULP01
mod5_fp1 SQLULP01
mod6_fp0 SQLULP01
mod7_fp0 SQLULP01
db2uqtpd.bnd 0 SQLUMO00
mod1_fp1 SQLUMP00
mod2_fp0 SQLUMP00
mod3_fp0 SQLUMP00
mod4_fp0 SQLUMP00
mod5_fp0 SQLUMP01
mod5_fp1 SQLUMP01
mod6_fp0 SQLUMP01
mod7_fp0 SQLUMP01
db2uredp.bnd 0 SQLUIO00
mod1_fp1 SQLUIP00
mod2_fp0 SQLUIP00
mod3_fp0 SQLUIP00
mod4_fp0 SQLUIP00
mod5_fp0 SQLUIP01
mod5_fp1 SQLUIP01
mod6_fp0 SQLUIP01
mod7_fp0 SQLUIP01
db2xdbmig.bnd 0 DB2XDBMI
mod1_fp1 DB2XDBMI
mod2_fp0 DB2XDBMI
mod3_fp0 DB2XDBMI
mod4_fp0 DB2XDBMI
mod5_fp0 DB2XDBMI
mod5_fp1 DB2XDBMI
mod6_fp0 DB2XDBMI
mod7_fp0 DB2XDBMI
db2xdbsg.bnd 0 PRINTSG
mod1_fp1 PRINTSG
mod2_fp0 PRINTSG
mod3_fp0 PRINTSG
mod4_fp0 PRINTSG
mod5_fp0 PRINTSG
mod5_fp1 PRINTSG
mod6_fp0 PRINTSG
mod7_fp0 PRINTSG
db2xxld.bnd 0 SQLUATLD
mod1_fp1 SQLUATLD
mod2_fp0 SQLUATLD
mod3_fp0 SQLUATLD
mod4_fp0 SQLUATLD
mod5_fp0 SQLUATLD
mod5_fp1 SQLUATLD
mod6_fp0 SQLUATLD
mod7_fp0 SQLUATLD
dxxadm.bnd 0 DXXADM
mod1_fp1 DXXADM
mod2_fp0 DXXADM
mod3_fp0 DXXADM
mod4_fp0 DXXADM
mod5_fp0 DXXADM
mod5_fp1 DXXADM
mod6_fp0 DXXADM
mod7_fp0 DXXADM
dxxcnuwo.bnd 0 DXXCNUWO
mod1_fp1 DXXCNUWO
mod2_fp0 DXXCNUWO
mod3_fp0 DXXCNUWO
mod4_fp0 DXXCNUWO
mod5_fp0 DXXCNUWO
mod5_fp1 DXXCNUWO
mod6_fp0 DXXCNUWO
mod7_fp0 DXXCNUWO
dxxcol.bnd 0 DXXCOL
mod1_fp1 DXXCOL
mod2_fp0 DXXCOL
mod3_fp0 DXXCOL
mod4_fp0 DXXCOL
mod5_fp0 DXXCOL
mod5_fp1 DXXCOL
mod6_fp0 DXXCOL
mod7_fp0 DXXCOL
dxxcoll.bnd 0 DXXCOLL
mod1_fp1 DXXCOLL
mod2_fp0 DXXCOLL
mod3_fp0 DXXCOLL
mod4_fp0 DXXCOLL
mod5_fp0 DXXCOLL
mod5_fp1 DXXCOLL
mod6_fp0 DXXCOLL
mod7_fp0 DXXCOLL
dxxcomp.bnd 0 DXXCOMP
mod1_fp1 DXXCOMP
mod2_fp0 DXXCOMP
mod3_fp0 DXXCOMP
mod4_fp0 DXXCOMP
mod5_fp0 DXXCOMP
mod5_fp1 DXXCOMP
mod6_fp0 DXXCOMP
mod7_fp0 DXXCOMP
dxxdb.bnd 0 DXXDB
mod1_fp1 DXXDB
mod2_fp0 DXXDB
mod3_fp0 DXXDB
mod4_fp0 DXXDB
mod5_fp0 DXXDB
mod5_fp1 DXXDB
mod6_fp0 DXXDB
mod7_fp0 DXXDB
dxxds.bnd 0 DXXDS
mod1_fp1 DXXDS
mod2_fp0 DXXDS
mod3_fp0 DXXDS
mod4_fp0 DXXDS
mod5_fp0 DXXDS
mod5_fp1 DXXDS
mod6_fp0 DXXDS
mod7_fp0 DXXDS
dxxgnxcs.bnd 0 DXXGNXCS
mod1_fp1 DXXGNXCS
mod2_fp0 DXXGNXCS
mod3_fp0 DXXGNXCS
mod4_fp0 DXXGNXCS
mod5_fp0 DXXGNXCS
mod5_fp1 DXXGNXCS
mod6_fp0 DXXGNXCS
mod7_fp0 DXXGNXCS
dxxgnxs.bnd 0 DXXGNXS
mod1_fp1 DXXGNXS
mod2_fp0 DXXGNXS
mod3_fp0 DXXGNXS
mod4_fp0 DXXGNXS
mod5_fp0 DXXGNXS
mod5_fp1 DXXGNXS
mod6_fp0 DXXGNXS
mod7_fp0 DXXGNXS
dxxisrts.bnd 0 DXXISRTS
mod1_fp1 DXXISRTS
mod2_fp0 DXXISRTS
mod3_fp0 DXXISRTS
mod4_fp0 DXXISRTS
mod5_fp0 DXXISRTS
mod5_fp1 DXXISRTS
mod6_fp0 DXXISRTS
mod7_fp0 DXXISRTS
dxxlm.bnd 0 DXXLM
mod1_fp1 DXXLM
mod2_fp0 DXXLM
mod3_fp0 DXXLM
mod4_fp0 DXXLM
mod5_fp0 DXXLM
mod5_fp1 DXXLM
mod6_fp0 DXXLM
mod7_fp0 DXXLM
dxxMigv81.bnd 0 DXXMIGV8
mod1_fp1 DXXMIGV8
mod2_fp0 DXXMIGV8
mod3_fp0 DXXMIGV8
mod4_fp0 DXXMIGV8
mod5_fp0 DXXMIGV8
mod5_fp1 DXXMIGV8
mod6_fp0 DXXMIGV8
mod7_fp0 DXXMIGV8
dxxMigv.bnd 0 DXXMIGV
mod1_fp1 DXXMIGV
mod2_fp0 DXXMIGV
mod3_fp0 DXXMIGV
mod4_fp0 DXXMIGV
mod5_fp0 DXXMIGV
mod5_fp1 DXXMIGV
mod6_fp0 DXXMIGV
mod7_fp0 DXXMIGV
dxxrcomp.bnd 0 DXXRCOMP
mod1_fp1 DXXRCOMP
mod2_fp0 DXXRCOMP
mod3_fp0 DXXRCOMP
mod4_fp0 DXXRCOMP
mod5_fp0 DXXRCOMP
mod5_fp1 DXXRCOMP
mod6_fp0 DXXRCOMP
mod7_fp0 DXXRCOMP
dxxrdbi.bnd 0 DXXRDBI
mod1_fp1 DXXRDBI
mod2_fp0 DXXRDBI
mod3_fp0 DXXRDBI
mod4_fp0 DXXRDBI
mod5_fp0 DXXRDBI
mod5_fp1 DXXRDBI
mod6_fp0 DXXRDBI
mod7_fp0 DXXRDBI
dxxret2s.bnd 0 DXXRET2S
mod1_fp1 DXXRET2S
mod2_fp0 DXXRET2S
mod3_fp0 DXXRET2S
mod4_fp0 DXXRET2S
mod5_fp0 DXXRET2S
mod5_fp1 DXXRET2S
mod6_fp0 DXXRET2S
mod7_fp0 DXXRET2S
dxxretcs.bnd 0 DXXRETCS
mod1_fp1 DXXRETCS
mod2_fp0 DXXRETCS
mod3_fp0 DXXRETCS
mod4_fp0 DXXRETCS
mod5_fp0 DXXRETCS
mod5_fp1 DXXRETCS
mod6_fp0 DXXRETCS
mod7_fp0 DXXRETCS
dxxrets.bnd 0 DXXRETS
mod1_fp1 DXXRETS
mod2_fp0 DXXRETS
mod3_fp0 DXXRETS
mod4_fp0 DXXRETS
mod5_fp0 DXXRETS
mod5_fp1 DXXRETS
mod6_fp0 DXXRETS
mod7_fp0 DXXRETS
dxxscomp.bnd 0 DXXSCOMP
mod1_fp1 DXXSCOMP
mod2_fp0 DXXSCOMP
mod3_fp0 DXXSCOMP
mod4_fp0 DXXSCOMP
mod5_fp0 DXXSCOMP
mod5_fp1 DXXSCOMP
mod6_fp0 DXXSCOMP
mod7_fp0 DXXSCOMP
dxxshrds.bnd 0 DXXSHRDS
mod1_fp1 DXXSHRDS
mod2_fp0 DXXSHRDS
mod3_fp0 DXXSHRDS
mod4_fp0 DXXSHRDS
mod5_fp0 DXXSHRDS
mod5_fp1 DXXSHRDS
mod6_fp0 DXXSHRDS
mod7_fp0 DXXSHRDS
dxxsqlda.bnd 0 DXXSQLDA
mod1_fp1 DXXSQLDA
mod2_fp0 DXXSQLDA
mod3_fp0 DXXSQLDA
mod4_fp0 DXXSQLDA
mod5_fp0 DXXSQLDA
mod5_fp1 DXXSQLDA
mod6_fp0 DXXSQLDA
mod7_fp0 DXXSQLDA
dxxsuwo.bnd 0 DXXSUWO
mod1_fp1 DXXSUWO
mod2_fp0 DXXSUWO
mod3_fp0 DXXSUWO
mod4_fp0 DXXSUWO
mod5_fp0 DXXSUWO
mod5_fp1 DXXSUWO
mod6_fp0 DXXSUWO
mod7_fp0 DXXSUWO
dxxtab.bnd 0 DXXTAB
mod1_fp1 DXXTAB
mod2_fp0 DXXTAB
mod3_fp0 DXXTAB
mod4_fp0 DXXTAB
mod5_fp0 DXXTAB
mod5_fp1 DXXTAB
mod6_fp0 DXXTAB
mod7_fp0 DXXTAB
dxxxof.bnd 0 DXXXOF
mod1_fp1 DXXXOF
mod2_fp0 DXXXOF
mod3_fp0 DXXXOF
mod4_fp0 DXXXOF
mod5_fp0 DXXXOF
mod5_fp1 DXXXOF
mod6_fp0 DXXXOF
mod7_fp0 DXXXOF
dxxxxll.bnd 0 DXXXXLL
mod1_fp1 DXXXXLL
mod2_fp0 DXXXXLL
mod3_fp0 DXXXXLL
mod4_fp0 DXXXXLL
mod5_fp0 DXXXXLL
mod5_fp1 DXXXXLL
mod6_fp0 DXXXXLL
mod7_fp0 DXXXXLL
fixtypei.bnd 0 FIXTYPEI
mod1_fp1 FIXTYPEI
mod2_fp0 FIXTYPEI
mod3_fp0 FIXTYPEI
mod4_fp0 FIXTYPEI
mod5_fp0 FIXTYPEI
mod5_fp1 FIXTYPEI
mod6_fp0 FIXTYPEI
mod7_fp0 FIXTYPEI
gseAdCoordsys.bnd 0 GSEADCDS
mod1_fp1 GSEADCDS
mod2_fp0 GSEADCDS
mod3_fp0 GSEADCDS
mod4_fp0 GSEADCDS
mod5_fp0 GSEADCDS
mod5_fp1 GSEADCDS
mod6_fp0 GSEADCDS
mod7_fp0 GSEADCDS
gseAdDisableDB.bnd 0 GSEADDIS
mod1_fp1 GSEADDIS
mod2_fp0 GSEADDIS
mod3_fp0 GSEADDIS
mod4_fp0 GSEADDIS
mod5_fp0 GSEADDIS
mod5_fp1 GSEADDIS
mod6_fp0 GSEADDIS
mod7_fp0 GSEADDIS
gseAdDisableGC.bnd 0 GSEADDGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADDGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADDGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADDGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADDGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADDGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADDGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADDGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADDGC
gseAdEnableDB.bnd 0 GSEADENB
mod1_fp1 GSEADENB
mod2_fp0 GSEADENB
mod3_fp0 GSEADENB
mod4_fp0 GSEADENB
mod5_fp0 GSEADENB
mod5_fp1 GSEADENB
mod6_fp0 GSEADENB
mod7_fp0 GSEADENB
gseAdEnableGC.bnd 0 GSEADEGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADEGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADEGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADEGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADEGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADEGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADEGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADEGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADEGC
gseAdIxpShape.bnd 0 GSEADIXP
mod1_fp1 GSEADIXP
mod2_fp0 GSEADIXP
mod3_fp0 GSEADIXP
mod4_fp0 GSEADIXP
mod5_fp0 GSEADIXP
mod5_fp1 GSEADIXP
mod6_fp0 GSEADIXP
mod7_fp0 GSEADIXP
gseAdMigrateDB.bnd 0 GSEADMDB
mod1_fp1 GSEADMDB
mod2_fp0 GSEADMDB
mod3_fp0 GSEADMDB
mod4_fp0 GSEADMDB
mod5_fp0 GSEADMDB
mod5_fp1 GSEADMDB
mod6_fp0 GSEADMDB
mod7_fp0 GSEADMDB
gseAdMigrateIndex.bnd 0 GSEADMIX
mod1_fp1 GSEADMIX
mod2_fp0 GSEADMIX
mod3_fp0 GSEADMIX
mod4_fp0 GSEADMIX
mod5_fp0 GSEADMIX
mod5_fp1 GSEADMIX
mod6_fp0 GSEADMIX
mod7_fp0 GSEADMIX
gseAdMigrateSub.bnd 0 GSEABMSB
mod1_fp1 GSEABMSB
mod2_fp0 GSEABMSB
mod3_fp0 GSEABMSB
mod4_fp0 GSEABMSB
mod5_fp0 GSEABMSB
mod5_fp1 GSEABMSB
mod6_fp0 GSEABMSB
mod7_fp0 GSEABMSB
gseAdRegGC.bnd 0 GSEADRGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADRGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADRGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADRGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADRGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADRGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADRGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADRGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADRGC
gseAdRegLayer.bnd 0 GSEADRLY
mod1_fp1 GSEADRLY
mod2_fp0 GSEADRLY
mod3_fp0 GSEADRLY
mod4_fp0 GSEADRLY
mod5_fp0 GSEADRLY
mod5_fp1 GSEADRLY
mod6_fp0 GSEADRLY
mod7_fp0 GSEADRLY
gseAdRmSetupGC.bnd 0 GSEADYGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADYGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADYGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADYGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADYGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADYGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADYGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADYGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADYGC
gseAdRunGC.bnd 0 GSEADXGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADXGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADXGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADXGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADXGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADXGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADXGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADXGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADXGC
gseAdSetupGC.bnd 0 GSEADSGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADSGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADSGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADSGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADSGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADSGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADSGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADSGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADSGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADSRS
mod2_fp0 GSEADSRS
mod3_fp0 GSEADSRS
mod4_fp0 GSEADSRS
mod5_fp0 GSEADSRS
mod5_fp1 GSEADSRS
mod6_fp0 GSEADSRS
mod7_fp0 GSEADSRS
gseAdUnregGC.bnd 0 GSEADUGC
mod1_fp1 GSEADUGC
mod2_fp0 GSEADUGC
mod3_fp0 GSEADUGC
mod4_fp0 GSEADUGC
mod5_fp0 GSEADUGC
mod5_fp1 GSEADUGC
mod6_fp0 GSEADUGC
mod7_fp0 GSEADUGC
gseAdUnregLayer.bnd 0 GSEADULY
mod1_fp1 GSEADULY
mod2_fp0 GSEADULY
mod3_fp0 GSEADULY
mod4_fp0 GSEADULY
mod5_fp0 GSEADULY
mod5_fp1 GSEADULY
mod6_fp0 GSEADULY
mod7_fp0 GSEADULY
gseClAdv.bnd 0 GSECLADV
mod1_fp1 GSECLADV
mod2_fp0 GSECLADV
mod3_fp0 GSECLADV
mod4_fp0 GSECLADV
mod5_fp0 GSECLADV
mod5_fp1 GSECLADV
mod6_fp0 GSECLADV
mod7_fp0 GSECLADV
gseClIdx.bnd 0 GSECLSTT
mod1_fp1 GSECLSTT
mod2_fp0 GSECLSTT
mod3_fp0 GSECLSTT
mod4_fp0 GSECLSTT
mod5_fp0 GSECLSTT
mod5_fp1 GSECLSTT
mod6_fp0 GSECLSTT
mod7_fp0 GSECLSTT
mod1_fp1 GSECLSQL
mod2_fp0 GSECLSQL
mod3_fp0 GSECLSQL
mod4_fp0 GSECLSQL
mod5_fp0 GSECLSQL
mod5_fp1 GSECLSQL
mod6_fp0 GSECLSQL
mod7_fp0 GSECLSQL
gseCommon.bnd 0 GSEADCMN
mod1_fp1 GSEADCMN
mod2_fp0 GSEADCMN
mod3_fp0 GSEADCMN
mod4_fp0 GSEADCMN
mod5_fp0 GSEADCMN
mod5_fp1 GSEADCMN
mod6_fp0 GSEADCMN
mod7_fp0 GSEADCMN
gseExport.bnd 0 GSEIEEXP
mod1_fp1 GSEIEEXP
mod2_fp0 GSEIEEXP
mod3_fp0 GSEIEEXP
mod4_fp0 GSEIEEXP
mod5_fp0 GSEIEEXP
mod5_fp1 GSEIEEXP
mod6_fp0 GSEIEEXP
mod7_fp0 GSEIEEXP
gseImport.bnd 0 GSEIEIMP
mod1_fp1 GSEIEIMP
mod2_fp0 GSEIEIMP
mod3_fp0 GSEIEIMP
mod4_fp0 GSEIEIMP
mod5_fp0 GSEIEIMP
mod5_fp1 GSEIEIMP
mod6_fp0 GSEIEIMP
mod7_fp0 GSEIEIMP
gseSQLFct.bnd 0 GSESCFCT
mod1_fp1 GSESCFCT
mod2_fp0 GSESCFCT
mod3_fp0 GSESCFCT
mod4_fp0 GSESCFCT
mod5_fp0 GSESCFCT
mod5_fp1 GSESCFCT
mod6_fp0 GSESCFCT
mod7_fp0 GSESCFCT
insertx.bnd 0 INSERTX
mod1_fp1 INSERTX
mod2_fp0 INSERTX
mod3_fp0 INSERTX
mod4_fp0 INSERTX
mod5_fp0 INSERTX
mod5_fp1 INSERTX
mod6_fp0 INSERTX
mod7_fp0 INSERTX
mdcadvise.bnd 0 MDCADVIS
mod1_fp1 MDCADVIS
mod2_fp0 MDCADVIS
mod3_fp0 MDCADVIS
mod4_fp0 MDCADVIS
mod5_fp0 MDCADVIS
mod5_fp1 MDCADVIS
mod6_fp0 MDCADVIS
mod7_fp0 MDCADVIS
mqlConfig.bnd 0 MQLCONFI
mod1_fp1 MQLCONFI
mod2_fp0 MQLCONFI
mod3_fp0 MQLCONFI
mod4_fp0 MQLCONFI
mod5_fp0 MQLCONFI
mod5_fp1 MQLCONFI
mod6_fp0 MQLCONFI
mod7_fp0 MQLCONFI
mqlRun.bnd 0 MQLRUN
mod1_fp1 MQLRUN
mod2_fp0 MQLRUN
mod3_fp0 MQLRUN
mod4_fp0 MQLRUN
mod5_fp0 MQLRUN
mod5_fp1 MQLRUN
mod6_fp0 MQLRUN
mod7_fp0 MQLRUN
partadvise.bnd 0 PARTADVI
mod1_fp1 PARTADVI
mod2_fp0 PARTADVI
mod3_fp0 PARTADVI
mod4_fp0 PARTADVI
mod5_fp0 PARTADVI
mod5_fp1 PARTADVI
mod6_fp0 PARTADVI
mod7_fp0 PARTADVI
promocat.bnd 0 PROMOCAT
mod1_fp1 PROMOCAT
mod2_fp0 PROMOCAT
mod3_fp0 PROMOCAT
mod4_fp0 PROMOCAT
mod5_fp0 PROMOCAT
mod5_fp1 PROMOCAT
mod6_fp0 PROMOCAT
mod7_fp0 PROMOCAT
promocol.bnd 0 PROMOCOL
mod1_fp1 PROMOCOL
mod2_fp0 PROMOCOL
mod3_fp0 PROMOCOL
mod4_fp0 PROMOCOL
mod5_fp0 PROMOCOL
mod5_fp1 PROMOCOL
mod6_fp0 PROMOCOL
mod7_fp0 PROMOCOL
promoind.bnd 0 PROMOIND
mod1_fp1 PROMOIND
mod2_fp0 PROMOIND
mod3_fp0 PROMOIND
mod4_fp0 PROMOIND
mod5_fp0 PROMOIND
mod5_fp1 PROMOIND
mod6_fp0 PROMOIND
mod7_fp0 PROMOIND
promoreg.bnd 0 PROMOREG
mod1_fp1 PROMOREG
mod2_fp0 PROMOREG
mod3_fp0 PROMOREG
mod4_fp0 PROMOREG
mod5_fp0 PROMOREG
mod5_fp1 PROMOREG
mod6_fp0 PROMOREG
mod7_fp0 PROMOREG
promosub.bnd 0 PROMOSUB
mod1_fp1 PROMOSUB
mod2_fp0 PROMOSUB
mod3_fp0 PROMOSUB
mod4_fp0 PROMOSUB
mod5_fp0 PROMOSUB
mod5_fp1 PROMOSUB
mod6_fp0 PROMOSUB
mod7_fp0 PROMOSUB
promotab.bnd 0 PROMOTAB
mod1_fp1 PROMOTAB
mod2_fp0 PROMOTAB
mod3_fp0 PROMOTAB
mod4_fp0 PROMOTAB
mod5_fp0 PROMOTAB
mod5_fp1 PROMOTAB
mod6_fp0 PROMOTAB
mod7_fp0 PROMOTAB
promotbl.bnd 0 PROMOTBL
mod1_fp1 PROMOTBL
mod2_fp0 PROMOTBL
mod3_fp0 PROMOTBL
mod4_fp0 PROMOTBL
mod5_fp0 PROMOTBL
mod5_fp1 PROMOTBL
mod6_fp0 PROMOTBL
mod7_fp0 PROMOTBL
promote.bnd 0 PROMOTE
mod1_fp1 PROMOTE
mod2_fp0 PROMOTE
mod3_fp0 PROMOTE
mod4_fp0 PROMOTE
mod5_fp0 PROMOTE
mod5_fp1 PROMOTE
mod6_fp0 PROMOTE
mod7_fp0 PROMOTE
promots.bnd 0 PROMOTS
mod1_fp1 PROMOTS
mod2_fp0 PROMOTS
mod3_fp0 PROMOTS
mod4_fp0 PROMOTS
mod5_fp0 PROMOTS
mod5_fp1 PROMOTS
mod6_fp0 PROMOTS
mod7_fp0 PROMOTS
psmgtptp.bnd 0 SQLSPO12
mod1_fp1 SQLSPP12
mod2_fp0 SQLSPP12
mod3_fp0 SQLSPP12
mod4_fp0 SQLSPP12
mod5_fp0 SQLSPP15
mod5_fp1 SQLSPP15
mod6_fp0 SQLSPP15
mod7_fp0 SQLSPP15
redistrb.bnd 0 REDSTO02
mod1_fp1 REDSTP02
mod2_fp0 REDSTP02
mod3_fp0 REDSTP02
mod4_fp0 REDSTP02
mod5_fp0 REDSTP03
mod5_fp1 REDSTP03
mod6_fp0 REDSTP03
mod7_fp0 REDSTP03
retrieve2.bnd 0 RETRIEVE
mod1_fp1 RETRIEVE
mod2_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod3_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod4_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod5_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod5_fp1 RETRIEVE
mod6_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod7_fp0 RETRIEVE
retrieve.bnd 0 RETRIEVE
mod1_fp1 RETRIEVE
mod2_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod3_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod4_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod5_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod5_fp1 RETRIEVE
mod6_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod7_fp0 RETRIEVE
retrievec.bnd 0 RETRIEVE
mod1_fp1 RETRIEVE
mod2_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod3_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod4_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod5_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod5_fp1 RETRIEVE
mod6_fp0 RETRIEVE
mod7_fp0 RETRIEVE
reval.bnd 0 REVALO07
mod1_fp1 REVALP07
mod2_fp0 REVALP07
mod3_fp0 REVALP07
mod4_fp0 REVALP07
mod5_fp0 REVALP08
mod5_fp1 REVALP08
mod6_fp0 REVALP08
mod7_fp0 REVALP08
revalFgac.bnd 0 REVAFO00
mod1_fp1 REVAFP00
mod2_fp0 REVAFP00
mod3_fp0 REVAFP00
mod4_fp0 REVAFP00
mod5_fp0 REVAFP01
mod5_fp1 REVAFP01
mod6_fp0 REVAFP01
mod7_fp0 REVAFP01
sgSql.bnd 0 SQLF1O00
mod1_fp1 SQLF1P00
mod2_fp0 SQLF1P00
mod3_fp0 SQLF1P00
mod4_fp0 SQLF1P00
mod5_fp0 SQLF1P02
mod5_fp1 SQLF1P02
mod6_fp0 SQLF1P02
mod7_fp0 SQLF1P02
shred.bnd 0 SHRED
mod1_fp1 SHRED
mod2_fp0 SHRED
mod3_fp0 SHRED
mod4_fp0 SHRED
mod5_fp0 SHRED
mod5_fp1 SHRED
mod6_fp0 SHRED
mod7_fp0 SHRED
snaputil.bnd 0 SNAPO00
mod1_fp1 SNAPP00
mod2_fp0 SNAPP00
mod3_fp0 SNAPP00
mod4_fp0 SNAPP00
mod5_fp0 SNAPP01
mod5_fp1 SNAPP01
mod6_fp0 SNAPP01
mod7_fp0 SNAPP01
sqledropmq.bnd 0 SQLE0O00
mod1_fp1 SQLE0P00
mod2_fp0 SQLE0P00
mod3_fp0 SQLE0P00
mod4_fp0 SQLE0P00
mod5_fp0 SQLE0P01
mod5_fp1 SQLE0P01
mod6_fp0 SQLE0P01
mod7_fp0 SQLE0P01
st_admin.bnd 0 STADMO14
mod1_fp1 STADMP14
mod2_fp0 STADMP14
mod3_fp0 STADMP14
mod4_fp0 STADMP14
mod5_fp0 STADMP15
mod5_fp1 STADMP15
mod6_fp0 STADMP15
mod7_fp0 STADMP15
tbscont.bnd 0 TBSCONT
mod1_fp1 TBSCONT
mod2_fp0 TBSCONT
mod3_fp0 TBSCONT
mod4_fp0 TBSCONT
mod5_fp0 TBSCONT
mod5_fp1 TBSCONT
mod6_fp0 TBSCONT
mod7_fp0 TBSCONT
tests2xb.bnd 0 TESTS2XB
mod1_fp1 TESTS2XB
mod2_fp0 TESTS2XB
mod3_fp0 TESTS2XB
mod4_fp0 TESTS2XB
mod5_fp0 TESTS2XB
mod5_fp1 TESTS2XB
mod6_fp0 TESTS2XB
mod7_fp0 TESTS2XB
tests2x.bnd 0 TESTS2X
mod1_fp1 TESTS2X
mod2_fp0 TESTS2X
mod3_fp0 TESTS2X
mod4_fp0 TESTS2X
mod5_fp0 TESTS2X
mod5_fp1 TESTS2X
mod6_fp0 TESTS2X
mod7_fp0 TESTS2X
tests2xc.bnd 0 TESTS2XC
mod1_fp1 TESTS2XC
mod2_fp0 TESTS2XC
mod3_fp0 TESTS2XC
mod4_fp0 TESTS2XC
mod5_fp0 TESTS2XC
mod5_fp1 TESTS2XC
mod6_fp0 TESTS2XC
mod7_fp0 TESTS2XC
xdbSPImpl.bnd 0 SPIMO01
mod1_fp1 SPIMP01
mod2_fp0 SPIMP01
mod3_fp0 SPIMP01
mod4_fp0 SPIMP01
mod5_fp0 SPIMP02
mod5_fp1 SPIMP02
mod6_fp0 SPIMP02
mod7_fp0 SPIMP02
xdbSPutil.bnd 0 SPUTO01
mod1_fp1 SPUTP01
mod2_fp0 SPUTP01
mod3_fp0 SPUTP01
mod4_fp0 SPUTP01
mod5_fp0 SPUTP02
mod5_fp1 SPUTP02
mod6_fp0 SPUTP02
mod7_fp0 SPUTP02
xdbStrToIDRes.bnd 0 STRTOIDR
mod1_fp1 STRTOIDR
mod2_fp0 STRTOIDR
mod3_fp0 STRTOIDR
mod4_fp0 STRTOIDR
mod5_fp0 STRTOIDR
mod5_fp1 STRTOIDR
mod6_fp0 STRTOIDR
mod7_fp0 STRTOIDR
xdbTupleWriter.bnd 0 TUPLEWRT
mod1_fp1 TUPLEWRT
mod2_fp0 TUPLEWRT
mod3_fp0 TUPLEWRT
mod4_fp0 TUPLEWRT
mod5_fp0 TUPLEWRT
mod5_fp1 TUPLEWRT
mod6_fp0 TUPLEWRT
mod7_fp0 TUPLEWRT

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[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSEPGG","label":"Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m500000008PmRAAU","label":"Programming Interface-\u003EBind and packages"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"11.5.0","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}}]

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16 June 2022