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There are three data validation services located in the SYSTOOLS schema:
1) SYSTOOLS.VALIDATE_DATA - Validate all rows within a single member.
Special values *FIRST and *LAST can be used as the member name.
2) SYSTOOLS.VALIDATE_DATA_FILE - Validate all rows, within all members, within one file.
3) SYSTOOLS.VALIDATE_DATA_LIBRARY - Validate all rows, within all members, within all files in one library.

Each service will analyze active rows and validate that numeric columns contain valid numeric values.
If an empty result is returned, then no invalid data was encountered.
Any rows returned correspond to a row and column that contains an invalid numerical value.

Note: IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) - Run SQL Scripts - Insert from Examples - includes working examples of this service and every other service.


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validate data services

validate data services

validate data in ACS
For complete detail, visit this IBM Knowledge Center page: VALIDATE_DATA, VALIDATE_DATA_FILE, and VALIDATE_DATA_LIBRARY table functions

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