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How to integrate the IBM Navigator Mobile iOS application with MaaS360

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This document provides information around how to configure the MaaS360 backend to integrate with the IBM Navigator Mobile for iOS application.


You can integrate the IBM Navigator iOS mobile app with IBM Fiberlink MaaS360. The app is built by using the MaaS360 WorkPlace SDK v2.91. Although there are many ways to integrate the app, such as wrapping, this document explains how to bootstrap the app with information that is set in the MaaS360 administration tool.

The first time you start the app, it tries to perform a "handshake" with the MaaS360 app that is installed on your device. (This action happens only once if your device is associated with a MaaS360 deployment). During this process, information flows from MaaS360 to the app. The IBM Navigator iOS mobile app looks for some specific key and value pairs, such as username and url.

Let's take a look at how to set those values in MaaS360. As a rule, work closely with your enterprise's MDM administrator because the administrator makes these types of changes.

  1. Log in to by clicking Customers Login.
  2. If necessary, add the IBM Navigator app to the app catalog:
    1. Navigate to Apps.
    2. If IBM Navigator doesn't appear in the list of apps, click Add > iTunes App Store App.
    3. In the iTunes App Store App window, enter IBM Navigator in the App field, and select IBM Navigator Mobile from the list.
    4. Click Add to save your changes.
  3. Create a JSON text file on your computer desktop with the configuration parameters that you want to publish. The two most commonly used configuration parameters are url and username. You can use variables such as %username% that substitutes the user ID associated with the device. You can also use the loginMode parameter with a value "SSO" for logging when Single Sign-On mode is used. An example JSON file is as follows:
  4. Click Security and Policies and open the currently active persona policy for the devices that you want to configure, such as the default WorkPlace Persona Policy. Click Edit, and select the Workplace App Container check box.
  5. Expand WorkPlace Apps and select Configurations. Enter the name of the iOS app. Select Add New and upload the JSON file. Enter a File Display Name, select your JSON file, and click Save to upload the JSON file to the MaaS360 server.

  6. Select the JSON file from the Configuration File list and click Save And Publish. If prompted, confirm the action. Check that the Last Published date represents your recent change.
  7. Test the policy. Deploy IBM Navigator Mobile to a managed mobile device. When you start the IBM Navigator Mobile app, the configuration that you deployed from the JSON file is displayed.

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Modified date:
22 June 2023