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Upgrading QRadar Packet Capture

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Upgrade QRadar Packet Capture by installing the software fix pack from IBM Fix Central.


To upgrade from QRadar® Packet Capture V7.2.4 to V7.2.5, install a cumulative software fix pack on a QRadar Packet Capture appliance. The software version that is installed on the appliance must be build 220 or later.


1. Ensure that there isn't packet capture or search activities in progress.
2. Use SSH to log in to your system as root user.
3. Download the 7.2.5-QRadar-PCAP-build-229.sfs fix pack from IBM Fix Central (
4. Copy the fix pack to the /tmp directory.
If space in the /tmp directory is limited, copy the fix pack to another location that has sufficient space.
5. Create the /updates directory by typing the following command:

mkdir -p /updates

6. Use the cd command to change to the directory where you copied the fix pack file.

cd /tmp

7. To mount the fix pack file to the /updates directory, type the following command:

mount -o loop -t squashfs 7.2.5-QRadar-PCAP-build-229.sfs /updates

8. To run the installer for the fix pack, change the directory to the /updates directory and type the following command:


9. Restart the system.

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Modified date:
28 October 2020