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MaaS360 Support Newsletter, March 2020



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News You Need

MaaS360 Cloud 10.77 Release Summary
This release support for WKWebView for MaaS360 mail compose screen.

MaaS360 for Android 7.0 Release Summary
This release requires location services permission requirements on Android 10+ devices, allows you to enforce device lock-down on devices that escape Device Owner enrollment, and, lets you reduce the size of inline and attached images in Secure Mail.

MaaS360 for iOS 3.98 Release Summary
This release provides support for WKWebView for MaaS360 mail compose screen.

Managing Android Devices On Restrictive Networks
This blog discusses some of the best practices you can implement to improve security, productivity, and user experience for your work from home (WFH) staff with IBM Security MaaS360 and partner products.

Work from Home Best Practices with IBM Security MaaS360, Part One
This blog provides a quick guide on the capabilities available within this browser as well as how to enable and deploy this application.

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Upcoming Open Mic Webinars

Office Hours: Managing the MaaS360 Portal
Topics for this webinar include the Services page, Settings page, access to portal console, partner console, end user portal and trialing new features. Click here to register.

Webinar: IBM Mobile Security Expert Labs — Helping you claim victory with hands-on help
This webinar discusses the most popular professional services offerings like Quick Start, Consultant on Demand, and Health Checks. You will also be provided with success stories of recent engagements with organizations from a variety of industries, company sizes and regions.

Dive Deeper

IBM Security MaaS360 Browser Application: Secure Browsing on Windows Desktop/ Laptop Sevices
This course provides a quick guide on the capabilities available within the MaaS360 secure browser, as well as,  provide details on how to enable and deploy this application.

Deep dive into configuring mail in MaaS360
MaaS360 expert Matt Shaver shows you how to configure mail in MaaS360. In this video, you will learn what to expect from native mail clients, what are MaaS360 Secure Mail features, and how some practical tips can help with mailbox migrations. 

Configuring Cloud Identity and ADFS for zero-touch authentication in MaaS360
In this lab, you explore integrating IBM Security MaaS360, IBM Security Cloud Identity, and Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). In this scenario, Cloud Identity acts as an alternate IaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) provider to ADFS so when ADFS detects a mobile device user, it redirects the authentication request to Cloud Identity. Cloud Identity works with MaaS360 to manage device compliance and enrollment requirements. This lab walks you through integrating all three tools in a cohesive, zero-touch, architecture that does not impact your business operations.

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15 December 2020