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DFHDS0001 60D AKEB then U1800 in CICS when running CA Detector for DB2

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Why would my CICS region unexpectedly get message DFHDS0001 with abend 60D AKEB in module DFHDSTCB? I noticed that in the system trace (SYSTRACE), prior to the 60D abend there is an 0D7 abend and other exceptions coming out of a CA Detector for DB2 module.

This is the message I receive:

 DFHDS0001 An abend (code 60D/AKEB) has occurred at offset X'FFFF' in module DFHDSTCB    

Then eventually the CICS region comes down with an abend U1800.

In the CICS trace I can see:



CA Technologies provided PTFs RO82177 and RO82589 to resolve the abends.

Diagnosis showed that this error is happening because there is an EUT Functional Recovery Routine (FRR) established at this point and there shouldn't be. CA Detector probably establishes one at the beginning of a DB2 call and then it tears down the FRR at the end of the call. In this case, the FFR did not get torn down because of a PGM 25 that happened.

To make sure this is your problem, you will need a system dump of the CICS region at the time of the abend. You can enter IPCS command IP SYSTRACE to display the system trace. For this problem, the systrace looks like this:

 0000 00XX 0094B988  PR     ...   7        009C8F 2F2195F6        

This PR is the completion of a call to DB2

  0005 00YY 00955588 *PGM    025 00000000_2548FBC6  00040025 00000000     
                                 07049001 80000000           000000XX     

This *PGM 025 is the first sign of trouble

  0000 00XX 0094B988 *SVCE     2 00000000_30B23CDA  00000014 40000000  
                                 07851000 80000000  00800000     


  0005 00YY 00955588 *RCVY  PROG                    940D7000 00000025 
  0000 00XX 0094B988  SSRV    78          814BA782  4000EF50 00000A28     
  0000 00XX 0094B988  EXT   TIMR 00000000_014B7048  00001005              
                                 07040000 80000000                        
  0000 00XX 0094B988  SUSP                814B707A  0094B8E8 LOCL         
  0005 00YY 00955588 *RCVY  FRR  070C0000 A5496980  940D7000 00000025     
  000B 00XX 0094B988 *SVCE     D 00000000_015813C4  00000018 0308E3E0     
                                 04042000 80000000  00800000  
  000B 00XX 0094B988 *RCVY  FRR  070C0000 A54977E0  **0460D000** 00000018     
  000B 00XX 0094B988 *RCVY  PERC                    **8460D000** 00000018 

This is the fallout and you see the 60D abends eventually coming out.

Contact CA Technologies if you need additional assistance.

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24 February 2016