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S878 in subpool 230 key 3 storage when using R_Password and CA-ENF with CICS

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Why would the implementation of RACF R_Password service manifest itself as an abendS878 in subpool 230 key 3 storage causing a CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) region to come down? I am using CA Top Secret.


CA Top Secret supplied the following PTF (and APARs) to address the abend 878 in subpool 230 key3 storage experienced after implementation of R_Password:





You can apply CA Top Secret PTF RO90069 that supersedes the APARs above.

If you have a dump of the CICS region, you can see the TCBs using the most storage by entering IPCS command verbx vsmdata 'nog summ' then maxing to the bottom and backing up. In this case, the TCB pointed to CA storage as noted below.

 8FDD40    230    3        1000    67000  

008FDD40 was in the subpool 230 key 3 storage and it contained the CA eyecatcher #CA#ENF#. The storage was made up of various types of eyecatcher data and looked perfectly normal.

Before implementing R_Password there was only one subpool 230 key 3 subpool that existed. When using R_Password, I gained other subpool 230 key 3 subpools:

 8FDD40    230    3        1000  4F26000  4F27000
 870E88    230    3           0   BCC000   BCC000
 870B88    230    3           0     3000     3000
 870888    230    3           0     5000     5000
 893608    230    3           0  11B8000  11B8000
 86FC88    230    3           0   220000   220000
 86F988    230    3           0   FBE000   FBE000

The largest of these subpools was at 008FDD40 and was CA storage. The other four large subpool 230 key 3 subpools point to DFHKETCB and DFHXSS. The additional storage for DFHKETCB and DFHXSS are a result of the additional #CAENF# calls.

I recommend contacting CA Support if you need additional assistance.

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03 October 2016