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Why is my MQ IMS BMP job failing with MQRC 2024 MQRC_SYNCPOINT_LIMIT_REACHED ?

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I have two jobs that ran as expected yesterday on my development system. Today the same two jobs fail with 2024 X'07E8' MQRC_SYNCPOINT_LIMIT_REACHED. The queue can hold 600,000 messages and I'm only trying to process 80,000 in total.

I temporarily raised the value of the "Max Uncommitted Messages" for our queue managers to something huge like 150,000 and turned triggering off on the destination queue, then ran the batch job and the batch job completed successfully without issue. This would seem to prove that commits are not happening as often as the program would seem to indicate.


It was found that the BMP application was linked with CSQBSTUB instead of CSQQSTUB. If you are using the MQ IMS adapter, always link the IMS programs with CSQQSTUB and not CSQBSTUB. Refer to 'Building IMS (BMP or MPP) application' online documentation

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25 May 2016