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BBO# CICS WOLA Program LINK transactions are starting and ending instead of waiting for more work

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Are there any CICS parameters that could cause the BBO# CICS WOLA Program LINK transactions to start, process work, and then end instead of waiting for more work? I am running z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V2 with the embedded WebSphere optimized local adapters (WOLA) connections to CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS). We recently restarted our CICS regions and the BBO# transactions that usually start and continue executing and then wait on work are behaving differently today after CICS maintenance went in this past weekend. The transactions are starting, processing work and then ending.

I do not have a problem with an outage, just the behavior of the transactions. I know there are parameters that you can set to cause the BBO# to behave in this fashion but there have not been any changes associated with the z/OS Connect software to change the behavior.


It sounds from the description that somehow the REU=Y parameter is not being used during the PLT proccessing in the CICS region. The parameter defaults to REU=N so if the parameter was missing or not picked up, the BBO# transactions would not be reused and would start and end for each request.

You might want to examine the CICS MSGUSR and WOLA BBOOUT transident data destinations for any possible error messages. If there are none, you need to confirm WOLA is started with the REU=Y parameter. You might also want to review the description of the REUC and REUT parameters to control the BBO# reuse count and reuse time in the WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty documentation topic Liberty server transactions for CICS: BBOC, BBO$, and BBO#.

Bill Bulfin
IBM zCEE Level2 Support

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15 November 2017