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CICS PA returns no records when using SMFSTART and SMFSTOP option

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Why don't I receive any information when running CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA) reports and specifying SMFSTART and SMFSTOP in the Performance Selection Criteria? The report displays the following message but the count shows records were selected:

CPA0346E No records were selected from input for processing


Each SMF record on the SMF dataset contains many CICS transaction records. Each SMF record has its own start and end times.

And, each CICS transaction record has its own transaction start and end times. CICS transaction records are written to a buffer. Once the buffer is full then an SMF record is written to the SMF dataset along with the records for the CICS transactions contained within that SMF buffer.

So, when filtering records in an SMF file, SMFSTART and SMFSTOP refer to the SMF record time stamps....NOT the individual CICS transaction start and stop timestamp's. When CICS transaction records are buffered, the timestamps on the records can be before the SMF record timestamps.

So. if you want to filter the SMF data to display any CICS transaction between a certain time frame, instead of using the CICSPA SMFSTART and SMFSTOP filter in your job:

 CICSPA SMFSTART(date,time),

you should use the SELECT statement for CMF performance class records to report just on CICS transactions between a certain time:


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07 October 2015