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Display RACF audit message ICH70001I on user terminal in IBM Session Manager in addition to ISZ4012I signon complete

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How can I display RACF audit message ICH70001I with the last time of logon on the user terminal in IBM Session Manager for z/OS (ISM) in addition to message ISZ4012I signon complete? When signing onto IBM Session Manager, the 3270 terminal receives ISZ4012I message text:

 "Signon complete for *userid* IP address *nn.nnn.nn.nnn* PORT *nnnnn* "

As a result of an audit problem, I also need to see a message indicating the last time of logon or something like the following ICH70001 message on the user's terminal:

ICH70001I userid LAST ACCESS AT hh:mm:ss ON day_of_week, month, day, year


The E21 signon exit does not have access to the RACF audit messages. If you need the capability to display message ICH70001I, go to IBM developerWorks and vote for request for enhancement (RFE) 72513 by clicking on "vote" towards the bottom of the page:
alt text

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01 July 2015