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CICS BAC KBKM START command does not use the CICS SIT INITPARM CBKCMNDS parameters

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If we shutdown CICS Batch Application Control for z/OS (CICS BAC) in a CICS region and perform an adhoc restart using the KBKM START command, why isn't CICS BAC picking up and using the INITPARM value?

When we start CICS BAC using the PLTPI method during CICS initialization with the CICS SIT INITPARM:


This works fine and CICS BAC does not request RLS QUIESCE for RLS files as desired.


An adhoc KBKM START request does not process the INITPARM parameters from the CBKCMNDS CICS SIT parameter string so the DORLSQUIESCE takes its default value of 'YES'. The INITPARM is only used during PLTPI time when starting CICS BAC.

See the note in the KBKM START topic in the CICS BAC documentation.

 Note: The KBKM START command is an alternative to starting CICS BAC using the PLTPI program, CBKCMNDS (see Using the CICS BAC PLTPI program for details). If you use the PLT method, you can use the CICS system initialization parameter INITPARM to provide the startup options.

The Note: will be updated to explicitly state that the KBKM START processing does not use the INITPARM for program CBKCMNDS parameters so any non-default values must be explicitly specified on the KBKM START request.

If you use KBKM START, you need to specify any non-default parameters. As the transaction input is limited to 71 input characters, it is recommended to specify the truncated short-form of the parameters when multiple non-default values need to be specified. For example, if you needed to specify the following to start CICS BAC:


This input is longer than 71 characters and would result in message:

CBKCM4008E applid Input data is too long. Maximum 71 characters allowed.

You can specify the KBKM START parameters in their abbreviated short-form as:


This is only 48 input characters.

Note: All parameters can be abbreviated to their shortest unique string. For example, TRACESIZE can be specified as TRACES or TS (abbreviation of TSIZE). Likewise, TRACEOPTIONS can be TRACEO or TO (abbreviation of TOPTIONS). Parameters without aliases can also be abbreviated...


We suggest that when used in INITPARM, the abbreviations only be used as necessary to fit the INITPARM string length limit because there is no guarantee that a future parameter will not make a currently unique abbreviation become "non-unique". For example, do not shorten NODSN to "N" or "NO" because either abbreviation may "fit" a future parameter.

Also note that when a parameter value allows only specific character strings, e.g., YES or NO, the values can also be abbreviated to their shortest unique length. In reality, the values are probably the first things you would abbreviate if necessary, because it is unlikely that a new value would be added to a parameter that would conflict with the current value abbreviation(s).

The CICS JESMSGLG log will reflect the CICSBAC startup parameters:

 CBKCM4002I applid CICS Batch Application Control for z/OS (5697-I94) V1.01.01 starting.
 CBKCP4030I applid The following CICS BAC parameters will be used for this CICS region. 
 CBKCP4031I applid CICS:    TRACESIZE(9999)                                             
 CBKCP4031I applid CICS:    TRACEOPTS(FF)                                               
 CBKCP4031I applid Default: CICSSTARTMODE(Update)                                       
 CBKCP4031I applid Default: NODSN(Continue)                                             
 CBKCP4031I applid CICS:    DOALLOPENSTAT(Yes)  
 CBKCP4032I applid End of CICS BAC CICS region startup parameter list.

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