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OB0900: Command .4.. is not a valid command when using TOM Automatic Update mode (AUP) under IBM Session Manager

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Why am I receiving message "OB0900: Command .4.. is not a valid command" at each refresh interval when using using IBM Session Manager for z/OS (ISM) V3.200b to enable Automatic Update Mode (AUP) in Tivoli OMEGAMON Manager (TOM) on the 3270 enhanced interface?

If I access TOM and enable AUP from a native VTAM terminal outside of IBM Session Manager, the screen refreshes as expected at each interval.

I'm wondering if there is some configuration parameter in ISM that is affecting the AUP feature in TOM.


An ISM VTAM TRACE showed that ISM MISER (Network Data Minimiser) and COMPRESS facilities were active. Using Online Administration (OLA) for the TOM session. you should disable (MISER=NO and COMPRESS=NO) common session parameters.

In this case, after turning off MISER and COMPRESS session options for the TOM session, the OMEGAMON automatic update function worked as expected at each interval without any "OB0900: Command .4.. is not a valid command" messages at each auto refresh interval.

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08 October 2015