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CICSVR IVP forward recovery fails ICE161I 245-0537 and DWW1244E RC 8 RSN 60EF000E

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Why is the CICS VSAM Recovery for z/OS (CICS VR) IVP forward recovery job failing with message ICE161I 245-0537 and DWW1244E RC 00000008 RSN 60EF000E?

I am running z/OS 2.1 and I have installed CICS VR V5.2. I am running the IVPs to verify that the CICS VR installation was successful.

I ran the DWWRUNBL batch job to load data into the 2 VSAM files. The job was successful with a return code 0.

I then went into the DWWCLIST CLIST to create the JCL to forward recover the VSAM file CICS.DWW.CUSTOMER. I submit the batch job and get a return code 8.

In the JESMSGLG sysout is the message:

In the DWWMSG sysout is the message:
DWW1244E The attempt to unbind the VSAM RLS locks for VSAM sphere CICS.
DWW.CUSTOMER LOG(ALL) was not successful. The return code is 00000008,
and the reason code is 60EF000E. The error data is 0000000800000008000000C3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

The return code is 00000008, and the reason code is 60EF000E indicating that I had an Open failure.

An IDCAMS LISTCAT of the CICS.DWW.CUSTOMER dataset shows that it is not defined as an RLS dataset:

   BWO STATUS------00000000
   LOG -------------------ALL
   FRLOG --------------REDO
   VSAM QUIESCED -------(NO)
   RLS IN USE ---------(NO)


The IEC161 245 indicates the STORAGECLASS "SCSTD" does not have a CF Cache set defined for VSAM RLS.

The IDCAMS LISTCAT shows for the RLSDATA section LOG(ALL) so the VSAM cluster STORAGECLASS in SMS does need an associated CF Cache set defined.

If you are not going to use VSAM RLS for the IVP or SMSVSAM is not active, the CICS VR 5.2 documentation in the section entitled the DWWVRDEF job has the following information:

 If at IVP run the SMSVSAM server is not available, alter the "custd" sphere definition in the DWWVRDEF JOB to non-RLS - without the LOG parameter:*
 DEFINE CL(NAME("custd"') RECORDS(25 0) SHR(2) NIXD" mgmc strc "LSID('"P2"') 
  VOL(*) RECSZ(49 129) CISZ(1024) FSPC(0 0) FRLOG(REDO))
 Note: If your system environment does not support RLS-VSAM data sets, before running DWWVRDEF correct the 
 job to discard operands LOG(ALL) for both VSAM data set definitions.

If you remove the LOG(ALL) from the IDCAMS DEFINE CLUSTER, you should be able to use STORAGECLASS "SCSTD" and continue the IVP forward recovery.

CICS VR will attempt to unbind RLS locks if the sphere is defined LOG(ALL).

If you do want to test with VSAM RLS and SMSVSAM is active and LOG(ALL), you will need to use an SMS STORAGECLASS with a CF Cache set.

Removing LOG(ALL) should solve the problem, However, if using a VSAM RLS ensure the SMS STORAGECLASS has a CF Cache Set.

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