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CICS CM server region goes SOS listing large CSD GRPLIST in ECDSA BAGENRAL subpool

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I am using the CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS (CICS CM) V5.3 ISPF dialog to list the resources in a DFHCSD configuration and the CICS CM WUI server region went short-on-storage (SOS). A dump of the region shows a CCVA task using almost 800M of ECDSA in the BAGENRAL subpool.

I can list other CSD configurations with no problems, but this one drives the region SOS. How can I get it to show the CSD resources in the list without going SOS?


The CICS CM resultset will use the default LIMIT of 10,000 resources. The total count of resources in the CICS CM configuration list requested is 528,336. When no filters are set in either TSO or the CM Explorer plug-in, the size of the result set can use quite a bit of storage.

After CICS CM Explorer plug-in APAR IV74145, it really does not matter whether you are using TSO or the CM Explorer plugin with the 10,000 limit default. The simplest solution to avoid the SOS would be to update the display limit for the configuration from the default of 10,000 to perhaps 7,500 and see if that returns without causing the SOS.

The CICS CM CCVLOG for the region might have returned message: CCV5220E Insufficient storage to process request

Updating the user settings to reduce the display from 10,000 to something lower is described in topic Setting user options of the CICS CM documentation.

Let me know if this helps.

Bill Bulfin
IBM CICS CM Level2 Support

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09 November 2017