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CICS Explorer unable to reset quick filters for a view

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I was looking at a subset of CICS regions in the Local Transaction tab of CICS Explorer and had set a filter to a group of transactions (&0*). Now it seems I cannot reset the Transaction Filter. It will ONLY show me &0* transactions in any region I look at. I have cleared the filter field. I have removed the filter field. It does not change the behavior. How do I reset this?

I am using Windows and running CICS Explorer using a CICS management client interface (CMCI) connection to our CICSPlex SM (CPSM) environment.


The behavior you are describing sounds as if at some point the 'Local Transactions' view was saved after adding the &0* quick filter on the 'Name' column.

The CICS Explorer documentation in topic Saving a view's settings to its configuration says the quick filters are saved as permanent to the view.

If the view had not been saved, the Reset To View Configuration button would have removed the quick filter.

Once the view has been saved, you can remove any unwanted quick filters by...

  1. Click the Open View Configurations button alt text.

  2. Select the 'Local Transactions' view (the icon with asterisks indicates a saved view) and click the Edit button.alt text

  3. In the 'Filters' box in the center of the popup, select the 'Name=&0*&' quick filter and then click the Remove button.alt text

  4. Click the OK button on the editor and the click OK button on the CICS View Configurations.

The 'Local Transactions' view should automatically refresh without the filter being applied. You can now still add quick filters and as long as you do not save the view, you can click the Reset To View Configuration button to remove any quick filters.

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18 September 2017