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AEYY abend when using IPIC from z/OS Connect to CICS TS

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Why do we get abend AEYY when using IP interconnectivity (IPIC) from z/OS Connect to CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS)? I set up IPIC communications between z/OS Connect and CICS TS.

I use the mirror transaction ( module DFHMIRS ) to run a non terminal oriented program. But, when the program checks the value in EIBTRMID, it has a value in it. The program then thinks it is a terminal oriented program and tries to send a screen to a device. This causes abend AEYY for NOTALLOC, because no terminal exists to be allocated.

I don't understand why there is a value in EIBTRMID for a nonterminal oriented task.


In this case, the value in EIBTRMID was " /A85 ".

Section EXEC interface block fields in the CICS TS documentation contains the following list of special prefixes for intercommunication sessions, terminals, and devices:

 -  APPC session
 }  Bridge facility
 ¬  Console
 /  IPIC session
 < or >  MRO session
 {  Remote terminal
 \ (default system initialization VTPREFIX value)  Virtual terminal

So, the "terminal" name in EIBTRMID is actually the ID of the IPIC session that the request arrived on.

There is not a separate IPIC section in the manual, but it functions the same as in multiregion operation (MRO) and Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (APPC) in this regard.

Referencing the MRO section of the manual, in section Writing programs for MRO conversations sub-section Back-end transaction initiation it says:

  Initially, the back-end transaction should determine the convid from EIBTRMID.

The immediate solution would be to change the application code to differentiate among the various types of terminal and session IDs that could populate EIBTRMID. If it is an APPC, IPIC or MRO session, then no real terminal exists and no screen should attempt to be sent.

A longer term solution would be to separate the business and presentation logic in the application code. This is discussed in the CICS TS documentation in subject Separating business and presentation logic. This specifically mentions the need to

 Be aware of hidden presentation dependencies, such as EIBTRMID usage.

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